bar fly

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a drinker who frequents bars

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Sexton fleshed her memories into "The Bar Fly Ought to Sing" and included two poems: "Sylvia's Death," an elegy she wrote on February 17, 1963, just six days after Plath's suicide, and "Wanting to Die," which she wrote one year later.
You can see what you think when they play the Bar Fly in Liverpool's Seel Street on Tuesday, October 19.
Paul often works the London circuit and has played at the Kashmir, Bar Fly, The Rock Garden in Covent Garden and Sound in Leicester Square among many others.
There wasn't much Philip wanted to change, because he admired his father; his way with the staff; his way with horses; his way with Bar Fly.
West Hollywood Convention and Visitors Bureau, Pacific Design Center, Illustrator Diane Greenseid, Graphic Artist David Rosemeyer, Barbara's Place Printing, House of Blues, Dublin's, Bar Fly, Key Club, West Hollywood Elementary School, Friends of the West Hollywood Library, The Gas Company, Southern California Edison, Whole Foods Market, Dana Marotta and the Pop Luck Club.
After The Forum, we drove to Camden to see Dundee's Model Aeroplanes play at the Bar Fly.
The Mirror can reveal Venables has frequented a series of different clubs and bars including Krazy House, The Funky Box, Bar Fly and Walkabout.
The five members of The Story So Far have signed up some of South Wales' top acts for the charity gig in Bar Fly in Kingsway, Cardiff, including Sunday in the Hot Seat, Said Mike and Public Asylum.
In reality -- of course -- the minute she realises her daddy's a yellow-toothed, jelly-bellied bar fly, she's going to be writing to the social services, begging to be adopted.
The two had been in Bar Fly in the city centre on October 6 last year when Jones threw a bottle that hit Mr Moorland.