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a chart with bars whose lengths are proportional to quantities


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Exhibit 6 is a bar chart reflecting the dollar change in expenses between 2001 and 2002.
An analysis of the bar chart shows the sample data deviate from Benford's predictions for second-digit frequencies--further evidence of irregularity.
For example, a bar chart is an obvious choice for comparing data across a number of years, and a pie chart efficiently shows the relationship of parts of a whole.
Zero Hits - "0 hits" displays a bar chart that indicates the number of queries in last 12 months that ended up with "0 hit" - queries that failed to find any search result.
a line- and bar chart to costs and revenues according to week and KW (multi-annual observation)
5 Web Viewer with a number of ready-to-use examples including 3D pie and bar charts, line charts, scatter charts and Gantt charts.
Create a stacked horizontal bar chart from the data in range A4:C15.
From that plant overview display, the user can go directly to a new Pareto bar chart of down-time causes for that machine.
A bar chart reflecting the fund's 10-year annual returns.
This is in the form of a Pareto-type bar chart, with the bar length corresponding to the numerical confidence level (also displayed) for that potential solution; and the solutions are arranged in order of priority, from higher to lower confidence levels.
Arxceo will support the Ally ReconAlert for the Ally IP1000 security appliance later this year, as well as a professional version that adds functionality such as IP address resolution (resolves to domain name, rather than address), extensible search capability, command line execution for sending alerts to a pager or mobile phone (via text messages), multimedia alerts and dynamic pie and bar chart creation for event comparison,
It also contains a bar chart depicting the fund's total return for each of the last 10 calendar years.
The output is reported in a bar chart format for easy comparison.
For example, if a practitioners is asked to explain a sales trend for a microscope manufacturer that experienced a loss in sales as a result of the defendant's conduct in 1990, a bar chart like the one in exhibit 1 at left is the best choice of graphic.
Rather than the standard bar chart, illustrate demographic details with rows of silhouettes recognizable by gender and age group.