bar billiards

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a table game in which short cues are used to knock balls into holes that are guarded by wooden pegs

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Michael Axford, 50, who runs the 16th Century Goat Inn at St Albans, Hertfordshire, with his wife Kate, 40, says bringing back bar billiards has been a hit with his customers.
It also praised the pub's selection of real ales and back room games, including the only bar billiards in Rugby.
FEWER pub-goers now want to play traditional games such as darts and bar billiards, said research published yesterday, The number of pubs with a dart board or billiard table is now in ``grave decline'', the authors of The Good Pub Guide said.
With all the hype surrounding the 2012 Olympics, real ale fans think more leisurely pursuits like shove ha'penny, bar billiards, skittles and darts could encourage more young adults to visit their local.
I haven't seen a bunch of racing hacks move so fast since the rumour broke that the Queen Mother had been spotted playing bar billiards with Shergar in Newmarket Working Men's Club.
They competed in traditional pub games, such as bar billiards and dominoes, while wearing special goggles which allow the wearer to experience the effects of alcohol, without having to drink.
If you've got to ask what bar billiards is you can sod off upstairs to the Great Men of Cardiff room.
TRADITIONAL pub games such as darts and bar billiards are dying out, a new report says.
The Alexandra now even boasts its own pool and skittles teams, with bar billiards and dominoes among the other attractions.
A television programme featuring darts, skittles, shove ha'penny, table football, bar billiards and, erm, arm wrestling.
It has a games room with shove ha'penny, bar billiards, skittles and that old local favourite, Fling the Hard Wooden Ball at the Bloke Who Won't Stop Going On About the Tricast He Got Up in the Last.
And that means a blazing fire in winter, generous spirit servings, darts and the popular bar billiards.
CE(R) and Indego(TM) terminals and the linked digital music systems sourced from market leader Sound Leisure and cue sport products provided by specialist supplier Bar Billiards.
An hour-long terrestrial slot every Saturday devoted to previewing a sport only marginally more popular than bar billiards.
The Burnley, Blackburn and Bradford Bar Billiards Club is, fortunately, staying well out of it.