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bowl for baptismal water

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west of) the far larger present offices of the company and facing the south doorway of the baptistry (Fig.
One old parishioner remembers horses pulling hay carts through big wooden doors now a large and airy entrance hall and baptistry.
The Piazza del Duomo wows visitors with its imposing medieval cathedral, gothic bell tower and octagonal baptistry.
Their initial design was prompted by the doors of the Baptistry in the Florence Cathedral executed by Lorenzo Ghiberti.
Perhaps that was, indeed, what it became over time, but it reminded me so much of the old baptistry recently reopened to the public behind Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya) in ystanbul that I was fairly certain that it had started life as a font for immersion-style baptisms in the early days of Christianity.
The room to the left of the vestibule was to serve as a baptistry (Building, Lighting, Engineering, 24 August 1955, p.
The low sun creates a moody setting inside The Baptistry - one of the many hidden gems and side chapels inside the Liverpool Purchase: www.
The baptistry arrangement was a repeat of the bride's floral selections.
One such commission was the Baptistry of the Church of the Irish Martyrs in Naas, County Kildare.
There doesn't seem to be anything sinister about Karl's participation in this religious ritual; in fact, the outdoor setting for the baptism offers even an idyllic contrast to the plain everydayness of Mac Sledge's dunking in the worn-out concrete block baptistry of Tender Mercies.
Famous in his own time, and knighted by the Aldobrandini Pope Clement VIII as Cavaliere d'Arpino for his decorative work in St Peter's and the Lateran Baptistry, his brightness has been dimmed by the fame of the contemporaneous Bolognese School and that of Caravaggio, who was for a while his assistant, and to the end esteemed Cesari, taking hints from Cesari's Betrayal of Christ for his own version now in the Dublin National Gallery.
Then he was baptized and others with him, and he disposed of the baptistry and destroyed the altar.
Satan on the ceiling of Florence's Baptistry, a vision of Hell that
The leaning tower, the cathedral and the baptistry are architecturally fabulous and sit wonderfully together as if built with the intention of being placed inside a souvenir snow globe.
As early as 1904 the pioneering art historian Cornelius von Fabriczy, in a wide-ranging and still valid article about Michelozzo, the one-time partner of Donatello, noted the sculpture's similarity to a silver statuette on the altarpiece from the Baptistry and a life-size statue in terracotta in the Annunziata and felt that it might be attributable to Michelozzo's late period.