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bowl for baptismal water

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36) and of baptisteries (in which Christians were 'reborn' through the sacrament of baptism), (37) but also more generally in churches such as for Justinian's Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus in Istanbul (c.
In addition the author devotes two chapters in part 7 to archaeological findings about the baptisteries surviving from these centuries for what they might suggest about baptismal practice.
But she also designs statuary to be executed by others, designs altars and furniture and baptisteries, and carves tabernacle fronts.
City baptisteries were hardly mere holdovers from paleochristianity; instead they had special importance as a visible sign of civic identity and pride.
For the latter, Charles McClendon reappraises church building in Northern Italy around the turn of the millennium (and incidentally tilts at Glaber, whose knowledge of Italy seems to have been confined to the Piedmont), with particular concentration on bell towers and baptisteries.
Indeed, he really does not go into this aspect, a la Thomas Mathews and school, except for the section on baptisteries and changes in baptismal practice [chap.
Unlike much of Renaissance architecture, where we easily recognize a representation of the Corinthian order, triumphal arch, temple front, or tholos, and in contrast to certain Tuscan Romanesque buildings such as the Baptisteries of Florence and Pisa, respectively modeled directly on the Pantheon and Holy Sepulchre, the Florentine Trecento developed in its major buildings an extremely sophisticated and poetic art of allusion, collaging, and concatenation of representational for ms.
Visser takes us on an archaeological, ideological and architectural journey through the intervening years, demystifying the building and all its separate components and decorations, as well as the ancient catacombs beneath and the neighbouring churches, basilicas, chapels and baptisteries.
From the beginning, Wesley's paintings have been permeated by the atmosphere of this kind of ornament--by the ambience of Greek vessels, Scythian tattoos, Roman mosaic, Islamic tile work, chivalric heraldry, Gothic illumination, Edo screens, and Rococo baptisteries.
It is thought by some to have influenced the shape of medieval Italian baptisteries, for example those at Rome, Pisa, or Florence, although no early Christian text is known which states such a relationship explicitly.
This movement was a reawakening or rebirth of the Classical devotion to sculpture and emphasised this medium over frescoes for the insides of churches, cathedrals, baptisteries and sacristies.
Valuation of fixtures such as built-in organs, sound systems, fixed seating, stained glass, faceted glass, domes, and baptisteries frequently becomes relevant in the appraisal of religious facilities.