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the first name given to Christians at birth or christening

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We are all addressed by our baptismal names by the risen Lord and invited, like Mary Magdalene, into a relationship with God our Mother and Father, into a relationship with Christ's God and our God.
Since the 11th century, almost all newly elected popes have given up their baptismal names in favor of a new name.
Thus it would be perfectly acceptable if some future pope decided to revive the practice of the first millennium and keep his baptismal name.
Sooner or later, some pope will revive the practice of using his baptismal name, but it certainly won't be Genoa's Dionigi Tettamanzi, the current front-runner among the papabili.
On his baptismal names, see Picotti, 647, and Falconi, 9; on his mother's cousin, Battista Orisini, named a cardinal in 1483, see Eubel, 19, nr.
John's Gospel is interpreted by some scholars as a reference to Leo X's first baptismal name of Giovanni, his other names being Damaso and Romolo.
For the first 1,000 years of Christianity, popes generally retained their baptismal names.
After the year 1000 only two popes, Adrian VI (1522-1523) and Marcellus II (1555), kept their baptismal names.
Kim's baptismal name is Thomas More, after a saint who had his own troubles with political oppression.