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bowl for baptismal water

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A baptismal font will be large enough to allow full immersion of adults, in addition to the simple sprinkling of holy water.
They then rented a space for worship in a nearby building, set up an altar, baptismal font and religious icons.
The baptismal font is made of materials from the USS Constitution, also known as "Old Ironsides.
Parishioners will pass the baptismal font before entering the octagonal worship hall.
The archbishop also blessed a baptismal font, given by the visiting sisters.
Rather, it involves the whole baptismal event: the preparations, the gathering at the baptismal font, the reception and gift giving.
It started, of course, when we walked into church, where the baptismal font full of water beckoned little fingers (and grown-up ones, too).
Joan of Arc parishioners, meanwhile, purchased the matching pulpit and baptismal font for $10,000.
The pulpit, lectern, baptismal font and Communion table were built and donated at cost by Bob Preuss, an elder at St.
The cathedral's stone baptismal font was installed in 1890, to commemorate Dean Geddes' 55 years of ministry during which, it is estimated, he baptized nearly 5,200 persons.
The Los Angeles Conservancy has just discovered a snail darter swimming in the baptismal font in St.
Christakos will pour water into the chapel's baptismal font.
Like the priest at an ordination or the married couple at a wedding, all of us gather around a baptismal font with the deeply-felt recognition that we have been there in the initiate's position, that we carry irreversibly the effects of that experience.
The so-called "baptismal" churches founded by a bishop and endowed with a baptismal font actually constituted a minority of parishes at the time.
The next task is to dismantle the ornately carved marble altar, baptismal font and pulpit into their component pieces.