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a Christian sacrament signifying spiritual cleansing and rebirth

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23) That same year, Backus published his major baptismal treatise, The Difference Between the Bond-Woman and the Free (1756), an argument supporting believer's baptism and a voluntaristic church.
The document was sent out sub secreto, first to Papal Nuncios, and, when that seemed to have no results, to presidents of episcopal conferences, instructing bishops never to alter the sex listed in parish baptismal records.
These articles raise major considerations that arise concerning baptismal theology and practice.
In an earlier chapter, I also find very helpful his approach to baptism among the Cappadocian Fathers, wherein, like Jean Danielou and Georg Kretschmar, he deduces a ritual structure similar to that of early Syria, which would have included a pre-baptismal anointing but only the giving of a baptismal garment as a post-baptismal rite.
He understands that faith and education are twin tools in evangelization, and examines the theology of the Catholic religious imagination in terms of the baptismal imperative and its work at the ground level, in both everyday life and extraordinary events.
Accused refused to say how he obtained the forged baptismal certificate, which purported to have been issued at a Dublin church.
Heartily endorsed by all our bishops, the theme for this process of baptismal renewal is entitled "Becoming the Story We Tell: renewing our engagement with Christ crucified and risen.
Many of us who were baptized as babies do not recall the rite itself, but each of us has the opportunity to grow into our baptismal belonging to Christ.
This baptismal kinship functioned on two levels, godparenthood and coparenthood, and both levels possessed elaborate rules regarding mutual taboos arising out of the spiritual bond formed during the act of baptism.
The second part, `Take Me to the Water,' was something very close to me--the baptismal, the purification rite.
His updating of the Christ story is witty, but not patronizing as sober and cleansing as a dip in baptismal waters.
This liturgical shift reflects our growing awareness that the baptismal waters do not just welcome new daughters and sons into Catholic families but embrace new members and disciples into the larger Christian community.
Hurn also noted that some diocesan archives have already seen a rise in the number of requests for baptismal certificates of former students, particularly those who are 65 or older and eligible to receive an advance on the common experience payment, as part of the settlement package.
As I look deeply into Christmas using the lens of these Preaching Helps, I am struck by the way the manger and the baptismal font are both the meeting places of the human and the divine.
An official with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops explained that Ouellet's claim would be true only if both fathers or both mothers insisted on signing the baptismal certificate.