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a Christian sacrament signifying spiritual cleansing and rebirth

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Baptismal certificate with my legal name was most significant DR CHRISTINA BEARDSLEY
Soaked in floodwaters, the 3-inches thick baptismal record shows native names from Bangbang, Adang, and Vera.
The writings of this era suggest that Baptist baptismal theology in America was a betwixt and between theology that attempted to distance itself from both sacramentalism and mere symbolism.
Similarly baptismal in character are the experiences of thousands of immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere in Central America who risk their lives to cross the Rio Grande into the United States.
Yet, following the joint agreement, Mormons accelerated their posthumous baptismal activities.
The document was sent out sub secreto, first to Papal Nuncios, and, when that seemed to have no results, to presidents of episcopal conferences, instructing bishops never to alter the sex listed in parish baptismal records.
These articles raise major considerations that arise concerning baptismal theology and practice.
The entry design provides two semiprivate areas just inside the Chapel for the baptismal font and semi-private meditation area.
In an earlier chapter, I also find very helpful his approach to baptism among the Cappadocian Fathers, wherein, like Jean Danielou and Georg Kretschmar, he deduces a ritual structure similar to that of early Syria, which would have included a pre-baptismal anointing but only the giving of a baptismal garment as a post-baptismal rite.
Combing the tradition; Catholic schools in the era of baptismal consciousness.
In addition to ordained ministry, he fulfills his baptismal vocation as husband to Kathy, father to Nathan, and "alpha dog" to Merlin, the miniature schnauzer of the house.
The new church includes a eucharistic chapel, which seats 100 people behind the main altar, for weekday Masses; a new baptismal font; a glass-enclosed seating area for families with small children; bride's room; usher's room and new restrooms.
Our baptismal font will feature trendy Two Bunch Palms soaking salts.
The group also visited St Cuthbert's Church, Marton, to view the Cook baptismal entry in the church register, the Cook Memorial Tablet and the stained glass window that was donated to the church by the Bolckow family.