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a Christian sacrament signifying spiritual cleansing and rebirth

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The Church keeps its word and is absolutely firm in its commitment to not accept the names of Holocaust victims for proxy baptism," LDS Church spokesman Michael Purdy said in a 2012 statement to (http://religion.
This study examines the theological substance supporting the experience of spirit baptism and argues for maintaining spirit baptism as a focus of Pentecostalism.
In his book "Baptized in the Spirit--God's Presence Resting Upon You with Power" Randy Clark, presents a definitive study on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Manila archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle on Saturday morning led the baptism of around 400 children from Metro Manila's slums in a bid to bring them closer to God.
Photographer Eslam Gamal follows one happy Coptic couple as they prepare for their son's sobou, marking the first week of the infant's life, and then his baptism.
Baptism & Boomerangs" is an explanation of the sacrament of baptism in the LDS tradition, written especially for Australian children.
Since the 16th century, baptism has been a dividing issue among churches, especially (but not only) between churches which practice infant baptism and churches which do not.
I recently attended a baptism at a Catholic church and listened as the priest explained why the church baptizes.
The baptism of John stands out as something different from the traditional ablutions and purification rites (cf Lv 4--5; 12--15) that the Jews are accustomed to.
JANUARY 11, 2015, BAPTISM OF THE LORD Patricia Datchuck Sanchez Is 55:1-11; Ps a 1.
Participating witness: an Anabaptist Theology of Baptism and the Sacramental Character of the Church.
In the Christian Church Baptism is the first of the sacraments.
They had been baptized in John's baptism and then were re-baptized "in the name of the Lord Jesus.
THE Church of England has overwhelmingly backed a new simpli-fied baptism service which omits mention of the Devil, in an attempt to appeal to people with no religious background.
Drawing on the tools of New Testament exegesis and historical theology, Cross argues in Recovering the Evangelical Sacrament that the baptism of the New Testament was "faith baptism" or "conversion baptism," and that both the baptism of infants and most contemporary believers' baptism fail to conform to this biblical model.