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a small loaf or roll of soft bread

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FCI joins SGS, Global Trust Certification, and NSF International as the ISO/IEC Guide 65 accredited certification bodies (CBs) designated to perform BAP audits.
For BaP (Sigma) exposure, we chose two concentrations based on earlier studies with this model (Slotkin and Seidler 2009), one just at the threshold for effects (1 [micro]M) and the second one a higher concentration showing robust effects (10 [micro]M); these concentrations are similar to those shown in vivo to produce lasting neurochemical and neurobehavioral effects after early-life exposures (Brown et al.
The study also found that BaP affects the genes that regulate production of a protein that binds to cholesterol and carries it through the blood to the liver for disposal.
Stuart Griffiths ''Our chair will need to understand the relevant governing structures, authorities and agencies that BAP engages with and in addition have excellent interpersonal and influencing skills and be and effective chair of meetings.
The experiment was performed in a randomized block design (2 x 5 x 5), testing two clones (H12 and H20), five concentrations of BAP combined with five concentrations of NAA, and five replications.
Both the type of callus obtained from vegetative bud explant (compact creamish white callus and loose brownish friable callus) were subcultured on LSBM fortified with BAP and Kn to study their morphogenetic response.
Tomorrow's breakfast baps at Conwy Farmers' Market include bacon and sausage from Dolwen Farm Shop, near Betws Yn Rhos, and eggs from Ochr Cefn Isa Farm, Ysbyty Ifan.
We selected BAP certification because it is a comprehensive program that addresses these issues.
It took several months for the business to respond to the comprehensive set of rules decreed by the state, and on August 31, BAP, formed in April 2009 to represent the legitimate side of the business, was ready with its list.
BAF will provide funding to enhance UK BAP by supporting the expansion, recovery and conservation of priority habitats through specific improvements over the next five years.
the industry leader in battery-assisted, passive (BAP) RFID technology, announced today the general availability of its BAP label product line utilizing the EPCglobal Class 1, Generation 2 air protocol.
Serves 1 Ingredients::1 large flat mushroom; 1 bap.
I chose roast beef which came on a balloon-sized white bap but with the skimpiest of salad garnish (pounds 3.
In general, the board's BAP can assist grantees in all workplace categories, including technical, marketing, testing and equipment acquisition.