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a small loaf or roll of soft bread

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To induce shoot regeneration apical meristem of Chrysanthemum were inoculated on MS medium supplemented with BAP alone (Table-1) MS media supplemented with five different concentrations of BAP (0.
The company's expertise in seafood and aquaculture will be a very valuable addition for the BAP programme, which continues to experience rapid growth globally in all sectors of the seafood production chain," said Lisa Goche, BAP Vice President.
41cm) was produced in existence of two hormones with high ratio 2,4-D to BAP, and the smallest callus produced in lack of 2,4-D (Table 1).
The implications could go beyond cigarette smoking, because BaP is also prevalent in wildfire smoke that periodically engulfs many parts of the US, according to a Eurekalert report.
Tabela 1--Porcentagem de brotacoes (mediana, valor minimo e valor maximo) nos segmentos A, B e C de Plukenetia volubilis em funcao das doses de BAP associada a IBA (teste Kruskal- Wallis com pos-teste Dunn 5% e Friedman).
Then, the effects of NAA (auxin) and BAP (cytokinin) hormones on root number, plantlet length, nodule number, large root length, as well as on leaf size were investigated and the best hormone combination was selected.
Later that day we received a text from one of his colleagues on the base that said that Prince Wills enjoyed his bacon and egg bap, so we now have Royal approval.
The BAP covers such autos automatically under symbol 1 for the remainder of the policy period.
The combination of NAA and BAP was necessary to induce somatic embryogenesis in leaves from young plants of Quercus suber also [20].
One change requested by BAP was the three per cent interest rate set by the state on loans given by pawnshops.
These explants were cultured on tubes (100x20 mm) containing 20 ml of shoot induction medium, which consisted of MS mineral salts and vitamins, BAP (0.
BAF will provide funding to enhance UK BAP by supporting the expansion, recovery and conservation of priority habitats through specific improvements over the next five years.
If indeed BAP is no longer the primary source of recruits, are there other reasons for the profession to continue its support for BAP, and for individual accounting students to consider BAP membership a value-added experience?
In a few weeks, we expect that BAP member-banks will be able to extend additional credit to consumers and enterprises that require adequate funds for their personal and business needs,' BAP Managing Director Benjamin Castillo said.