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Synonyms for bantam

notably below average in amount, size, or scope

Synonyms for bantam

any of various small breeds of fowl

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I've had banty and Araucana hens who would attack a horse, a human, or anything else that came too close to their precious babies.
And Gene Mauch, he was one of those little banty roosters, too.
In it you'll meet Ray Danner, an animated, banty rooster of a man who became the 266th richest person in America building the multi-million dollar Shoney's restaurant empire.
ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: TSAI), a leading intng of its i24(R) software to First National Banty payments.
of IPB Road from Banty Sabjiwala Shop to Hariom House in Ward No.
I don't know why Donegal haven't been playing Murphy at full-forward," said Banty.
Now I have two small families of chickens: a feral rooster, feral hen, and two banty hens, and a huge Buff Orpington rooster and hen which just hatched four Buff chicks (brooded by the feral hen).
Geraghty hasn't played since that defeat and admits there is unfinished business on the agenda even if manager Banty has made no promises about his role in the team.
She even saved our little banty rooster's life one night when a raccoon got into the pen.
Tenders are invited for Const of Street with 80 mm thick coloured Interlocking Paver Block from Banty PG to Dharamvir Panchal W.
I hoped Dave was in a good mood when I ordered my main of Hodgson's smoked haddock, leek and Banty egg pie with seasonal veg, pounds 10.
Banty hens are the best for controlling earwigs in the yard.
The vandals also took a ferret from its cage and allowed it to savage two cockerels and six banty hens.
Tenders are invited for Construction of rcc drain from banty jhariya to radha bai at ward no.
Boyneside Banty and Viking Legend until Viking Jack - he's the dog of a lifetime.