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cleverly amusing in tone

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said D'Artagnan, with a bantering air; "the king is disengaged.
On the contrary, things seem satisfactory, ma cousine," said Pierre in the bantering tone he habitually adopted toward her, always feeling uncomfortable in the role of her benefactor.
She pulled her arm away from Anne, as if in resentment, and ran downstairs, where she was gayer than ever, apparently so much absorbed in bantering her two swains that Diana and Anne felt rather out of it and soon went away.
he exclaimed, with that bantering tone which is peculiar to men of his profession; "be easy, gentlemen, my soldiers will not fire a shot; but, on the other hand, you will not advance by one step towards the prison.
But he did not have it in him to be angry with the love-master, and when that god elected to laugh at him in a good- natured, bantering way, he was nonplussed.
She was perfectly impenetrable to the bantering tone in which he spoke.
His authoritative tones brought them all up standing, and presently each was occupied with his own duties; but each worked in silence and there was no singing and no bantering such as had marked the making of previous camps.
he asked, suddenly changing to a bantering politeness of tone and manner.
Improving the occasion in these words, Mr Squeers patted his son's head again, and then patted Smike's--but harder; and inquired in a bantering tone how he found himself by this time.
Instantly his attitude of good-natured bantering and pompous boastfulness dropped from him.
said Jones; "no, sir; to Miss Nancy Miller, the daughter of Mrs Miller, at whose house he lodged; a young lady, who, though her mother is reduced to let lodgings--"--"Are you bantering, or are you in earnest?
And laughing a little, in a slightly bantering tone, his hands in his pockets, Rouletabille fixed his cunning eyes on the great Fred.
He shook his head in a bantering way, and regarded me with laughing eyes.
Sedley; on hearing the bantering of which well-known voice, Jos instantly relapsed into an alarmed silence, and quickly took his departure.
Much of bantering she endured; such was the fate of every girl who married out of the fancy starch room.