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Synonyms for banter

Synonyms for banter

good-natured teasing

to tease or mock good-humoredly

Synonyms for banter

light teasing repartee

be silly or tease one another

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Banter is an experienced public relations firm specializing in media relations, content creation, social media and media training.
If you're not in the moment, the world of high banter will slide right past you.
A prominent Chelsean and a fabulous New Yorker, Banter balances a globe-trotting fashion career with his art.
As a manager or a player, you do not like stick, but as long as it is good-natured and the banter finishes when you leave the ground, then I don't have too many issues with it.
We are now convinced by the explanation that it is only banter towards the auld enemy.
CRM vendor Kana Software Inc has announced it is making the Banter Server from Banter Inc an optional component in its Response email handling product to enable customer requests to be dealt with more rapidly.
Banter has announced the availability its Banter Server, an infrastructure platform that can be implemented at the enterprise level for CRM solutions and other software to accurately understand written communication and automate appropriate action such as responding, routing and filtering -- helping result in lower costs for online customer service and higher customer satisfaction.
DUBLIN -- Blueface, Ireland's leading Internet telephony provider and Vennetics, an innovator of telecommunications and IT applications, have launched the Banter iPhone App.
Maybe my banter isn't that great after all, lets discuss something else instead.
THE banter was flying at Ryton yesterday as the | yesterday as the R Sky Blues took part in their very own Secret Santa present opening.
Jimmy's banter, well, you have really got to be quite tough to take it, if you know what I mean.
Mrs Raffle said: "There was a bit of banter between the boys, saying boys are best and he said 'Well, I don't know if I agree with that'.
It seems unlikely that educated people would be so crass, but don't worry if you get caught spouting slurs about colleagues, or anyone else for that matter - you can use the universal get out of jail free card: it was just banter.
Calls of, 'you've got no sense of humour', 'you don't get it' are often lobbed by banter defenders, but the malevolent world of this treacherous term cannot be understated.
The horrific post left on the Newcastle United Banter Page calls Geordies 'scumbags' before making offensive references to the plane crash last month, which left Toon supporters John and Liam dead.