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(Irish folklore) a female spirit who wails to warn of impending death

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The TV star said he is confident of unearthing the banshee at Duckett's Grove.
She'll also be featured in a Screaming Banshee eCard that users can view.
I ultimately placed the pistol in the plastic bag that the Banshee arrived in and reinserted the pistol into the holster, leaving it for about 72 hours.
The promo video further teased that Lydia is in trouble as the banshee screams for someone to come and help.
Alisha Green, stage name Banshee, is hoping to win a record deal
The story follows three paramedics, who are on the night shift and encounter a screaming banshee.
The earliest was the Banshee of 1863 - the first steel-built vessel to cross the Atlantic.
Our Fall 2009 mystery aircraft was the Navy's F2H-2N Banshee, the night-fighter version of the McDonnell fighter of the 1950s.
Here, the video opens with an outdoor shot of the new actor, a young girl cast as a banshee, the Celtic omen of death.
Someone once lobbed a raw egg into the stereo system of my 1963 MGB, the work I believed at the time of a neighbor who, for reasons unfathomable to me, resented hearing Brian Wilson and his banshee brothers in the middle of a hot summer night.
Meanwhile, Meggitt Defence Systems said it had signed a follow-on contract of undisclosed value with the French DGA (General Delegation for Ordnance) for additional Banshee aerial targets, plus spares and a repair and maintenance facility over a five year period beginning earlier this summer.
In November 1955, the RCN took possession of its first fighter jet, the F2H3 Banshee all-weather jet fighter, the crown jewel of naval aviation in Canada.
Surreal is the word for Banshee Canyon, one of the best spring escapes in eastern California's Mojave National Preserve.
A big, sprawling play like "Henry IV, Part 1" is best kept manageable, particularly when braved by a small company like Burbank's Banshee.
Fruin of VF 171 was on a routine training flight after picking up a new F2H Banshee at Cherry Point.