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The banquettes also provide an efficient and dynamic operating system.
The final layout also includes the following areas: the front lounge; the standing and bar stool area between the bar and the opposite wall; a "VIP" area between the narrow end of the bar and the bathroom wall; and an intimate back area with a small banquette.
With no assigned tables, guests can choose from a variety of different seating configurations -- club seating with banquettes, lounge seating with coffee tables, stand-up tables, bar stools and more traditional tables and chairs -- while enjoying Puck's cuisine.
The popular brasserie comprises a conservatory with local riven slate floors and an estuary facing dining room with leather covered banquettes and Welsh oak flooring.
One Monday night in late November, I walked east from The Washington Monthly office to Oya, a swanky new French-Asian restaurant and lounge, featuring a glass-cased fireplace, luxurious leather banquettes, and a semi-transparent window-fountain separating the guests from the kitchen.
For an exhibition at Frankfurt's Galerie Michael Neff in 2004, Riedel, who was based in that city before moving to Berlin this year, duplicated the interiors of Robert Johnson, a famous local nightclub; but he installed everything upside down, with tables and banquettes hanging precariously from the ceiling.
From the Honduran mahogany trim, oriental carpeting on the floors and banquettes in reproduction antique silk blends and leather to the padded swivel armchairs, benches and small tables in the observation lounge, every detail has been painstakingly considered.
With its indoor water wall complete with carved heads, giant glitter ball, ultra long curved banquettes and leather chaise longues, restraint was not a word that figured largely in the interior designer's brief.
Throughout the atrium, we also incorporated a series of banquettes to provide convenient resting places for those traveling through and quieter conversation nooks for smaller groups.
She plans to add cushy banquettes along the patio walls and install mature trees in the interior.
The 50-seat cinema offers banquettes with tables for two, leather headrests and theater-quality sound and projection.
You don't usually go to a steakhouse to feel beautiful," says architect Emil Humbert, of the Monaco-based firm M2, referencing the decidedly unsexy red banquettes and rustic dark wood paneling common to prime-meat establishments.
The main floor, consisting of 3,300 s/f, features a large central lounge furnished with creamy leather banquettes, textured crocodile tiles and custom glass wails.
The center of the room has a coral ottoman with a spire and pouf, a Gatsby sofa from Kreiss, small chairs, banquettes and slipper chairs.
The influence is distracting, but it does seem to be a schoolboy crush: Anderson is more self-assured in paintings such as Welcome Series: Carib, 2005, a zingy interior interpenetrated with exterior views, mixing reflections of a cafe milieu (electric fans, banquettes, posters) with whitewashed architecture behind a stinging diamond-patterned grid that one takes for a window; the WELCOME written across it is presumably ironic, given that the work would seem to convey a divided mind-set, a soul nowhere at home.