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an upholstered bench

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The banquette, lounge furniture, dining tables and wall panels are all custom fabrication made locally, and the fabric used on banquette is custom coloured leather from Spinneybeck.
The Better Homes and Gardens kitchen is designed for everyday families, and what better than a casual banquette in the middle of the room for family meals and projects.
The park is a five-minute drive southwest of the Thunder Bay airport and is equipped with a first-class 500-person banquette hall called McGillivray's Landing located inside the tourist centre.
Vater von Morgana/avec Marcel dans Cafe de Flore (Readymade of History: Father of Morgana/With Marcel in the Cafe de Flore), 1987, which features the artist in a banquette next to Marcel Duchamp.
Two kids can sit in the banquette and watch TV or sit at the desk doing homework while a parent cooks, or the parent can sit at the banquette to look through cookbooks, Coleman explains.
Usually the size of a walk-in closet, with a table, banquette seats and video monitor crammed in, the karaoke box allowed the industry to expand into both the suburbs and urban office jungles.
On a tatty velvet circular banquette, three dancers in rehearsal clothes and pointe shoes have just demurely seated themselves--but not demurely enough.
While the table and bar staff will zip around in "tightly tailored" Vivienne Westwood outfits, the VIP lounge houses the boudoir, a 10ft reclining banquette with privacy screen and service button.
With white glass-topped tables edged with aluminum and double-sided banquette seating, Norma's takes the diner motif uptown.
When he wasn't lolling on a banquette surrounded by friends (or out on the floor with Colacello), Truman was down in the basement under the dance floor in whatever storage cage was that night's VIP lounge--cushions, mattresses on the cement floor, dingy, hideous, but where you'd find the fashion people, models, film and rock stars.
Tripping from bar to banquette to bar, killing the seconds of a sweaty afternoon when the river breeze will not genuflect at the cathedral, when the memories of old Count No-Count shimmer in the aroma of Dixie-45, Regal, Jax, and Tennessee's fate-burnt bourbon across the square like a Puritan epiphany, when a second-line of jazz fingers their hearts like hands exploring private spaces in the cool of dawn, they fear their secret lives will be drawn and quartered by the moralities of the little theatre, paraded in off-beat mardi gras, never again to know the masque of smoked shadows, the forbidden bonded in hard liquor and blooming like a rose tattoo under the skin, the iron kiss of suddenness breaking the mouth of surprise.
The building, dating back to 1847, has been restored with a modern take on the Art Deco style, with dark walls, panelled and mirrored bars and golden banquette seating.
At the end of a one day workshop on Solid Minerals sector at the villa, the MoU was signed at the Banquette Hall of the Presidential Villa.
The famous couple had lunch at Culina at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and practically sat in each others' laps at a banquette on the patio, while most stars flew into town for the Golden Globes, the New York Post reported.