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an upholstered bench

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It shows him, quite portly, slouched on a banquette on the dance-floor level, a white hat pulled down to cover his eyes, as if the swirl of dancers in front of him is too much to take.
The front lounge features two banquettes situated near the walls.
The building, dating back to 1847, has been restored with a modern take on the Art Deco style, with dark walls, panelled and mirrored bars and golden banquette seating.
After dinner, the 27-year-old swimmer and Rossee went to the hotel's rooftoop lounge PH-D and occupied a banquette by the DJ booth.
The tour ended at her recently redecorated dining room, which features a coffee-brown modern table with crisp lines surrounded by a high-back tufted banquette upholstered in a hot-sauce-red chenille and strewn with silk pillows.
back at a banquette with pals, Murphy held hands with her under the table.
Behind these drapes, each volume for undressing has flush walls of lockers and a single leather banquette.
The corner window area will offer banquette seating, lounge chairs, and cocktail tables for casual eating and drinking with a view of the street and buildings beyond.
The group took over the banquette next to the DJ booth, and they downed Champagne, tequila and vodka, and a source said the actress appeared not to be drinking.
A Josef Hoffmann table and banquette and works by Jan Vercruysse, Franz West, Fabrice Hybert, Donatella Spaziani, and Luciano Fabro complete the ensemble's perfect orchestration, with its tense, edgy refinement.
Not so with the fixed seat of a banquette, which makes it a good solution for small, empty kitchen corners.
Jay-Z was well-behaved and laid low all night on a banquette with his entourage of boys," People magazine quoted a source as saying.
A banquette bench lines the front of the room and a jukebox offers selections from the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and the Beatles.
Another winning detail in this kitchen is the built-in banquette, which takes up less space than a table and chairs.