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a public announcement of a proposed marriage

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So Little John clambered awkwardly into the quire, his short gown fluttering gaily; and he called the banns for the marriage of the maid and Allan-a-Dale once, twice, and thrice.
But to know that things were in train was an immense relief to Tess notwithstanding, who had well-nigh feared that somebody would stand up and forbid the banns on the ground of her history.
Nothing was now wanting but the consent of the young lady; obtaining which, Launce would go to the parish church and give the necessary notice of a marriage by banns on the next day.
Ay, madam,' says Robin, 'but there is one has forbid the banns.
Jeremiah then says to me, "As to banns, next Sunday being the third time of asking (for I've put 'em up a fortnight), is my reason for naming Monday.
The singer has lodged his wedding banns in East Lothian, announcing his intention to wed Storm Uechtritz on August 17.
At The Job Site; Entrance Is On Banns Avenue, East Of The Tullv And Bangs Road Intersection
The couple's wedding banns " are posted outside Dunblane Burgh Chambers.
Their engagement was only confirmed publicly 11 days ago when their wedding banns were displayed.
But the couple may initially exchange vows on Friday at Chelsea Town Hall, where they posted their banns, before jetting off to Venice.
The wedding banns were read on the Good Friday, and the vicar of St Michael's Church said he could marry them the following Saturday - May 1.
Local newspaper Var Matin have denied reports that the wedding could take place on Saturday, after village hall staff said no banns had been published.
My grandfather served in Malta and had his wedding banns read out in a church in Valetta.
Members voted in favour of raising the cost of a wedding - including the cost of banns - from pounds 296 to pounds 415 from January next year.