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Synonyms for banister

a railing at the side of a staircase or balcony to prevent people from falling

References in classic literature ?
Holmes, do you mean to tell me that, all the time I was talking to Bannister in this room, we had the man prisoner if we had only known it?
Soames, let us have a look at your servant, Bannister.
We are investigating this unhappy business, Bannister," said his master.
Now, Bannister, will you please tell us the truth about yesterday's incident?
His troubled blue eyes glanced at each of us, and finally rested with an expression of blank dismay upon Bannister in the farther corner.
The unfortunate young man staggered back, and cast a look full of horror and reproach at Bannister.
Soames, that you said to me that no one, not even Bannister, could have told that the papers were in your room, the case began to take a definite shape in my mind.
The current world record for the mile is 16 seconds faster than Bannisters groundbreaking time.
Elizabeth Schrero, the Bannisters' lawyer, said the Bannisters had complained for years and no one paid attention until they finally sued.
Zoe Bannister, Commercial Director, explained: "We are delighted to introduce these new products into the Bannisters' Farm range and the Fully Loaded Jackets offer an interesting proposition in the frozen food category.
Zoe Bannister, Commercial Director, explained, "We are delighted to introduce our Filled Baked Potato Skins to Asda customers.