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an official prohibition or edict against something

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Perhaps the time has come to ban banning things and ban parties and individuals that ban and undermine people's wisdom.
Merseyside police Liverpool FC football intelligence officer, Constable Ian Kidd,has secured 14 banning orders.
who claimed: "For the first time in history, Congress is banning a procedure .
Terrace Bay and Schreiber township councils were the first in Northern Ontario to pass bylaws banning smoking in restaurants.
Chairman Brown's reversal of her position in favor of banning bath seats a week before the May 23 briefing could not have pleased the petitioners, Consumer Federation of America, et al, who demanded a total ban.
Connecticut in 1990 prohibited municipalities from banning the use or sale of PS packaging products if local vendors, commercial users, or retail users demonstrated that they were actively engaged in efforts to recycle PS packaging.
wrote in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: "In 1963 [when the Limited Test Ban Treaty was signed] the reliability of measures for the verification of a treaty banning explosions larger than about 1 kiloton may have been arguable, but it no longer is.
org, will be filing amicus briefs representing members of Congress who sponsored the legislation banning partial-birth abortion.
The subtext was, then, that banning the lap dance would render the city's many strip clubs as wholesome as the gym.
I regard a ban on reproductive cloning to be analogous to current legislation banning incest, which is based on a similar mix of safety and ethical considerations.
Her 1994 vote against banning baby bath seats (the issue has come before the Commission again--see below) was done after she researched staff in-depth investigations (IDIs) on the drowning scenarios.
As several public health organizations have noted, the best way to curb a public health problem is through prevention--in this case, the banning of all handguns from civilian hands.
Only fifteen days later, the firm is one step closer to reaching its primary goal of banning the manufacture and sale of ephedra-containing products nationwide.