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any shrub or tree of the genus Banksia having alternate leathery leaves apetalous yellow flowers often in showy heads and conelike fruit with winged seeds

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This investment reflects our further commitment to Banksia and follows our earlier agreement to jointly develop products for global distribution," said Roland Pampel, Microcom president & CEO.
At the time of the failure of Banksia ASIC made it clear we had pushed the existing conduct and disclosure regime to its limit, and debenture issuers who accept retail investments and then on-lend that money like a bank should be required to have a more sustainable financial position, ASIC Commissioner John Price said.
The Banksia Environmental Foundation was formed more than a decase ago to support and recognise people in the community who make a positive contribution for addressing environmental improvement.
Nasdaq: MNPI) today announced an agreement with Banksia Technology, a leading Australian data communications company, for the design of new modem products.
Similar results have been found in other plant species with flowers grouped into inflorescences, such as Calochortus leichtlinii, Lavandula stoechas, Lathyrus vernus, Banksia spinulosa, Prunus mahaleb and Aquilegia caerulea [17,21,13,35,15,9].
Two bouquets of Australian flowers are proving popular: the Beautiful Boronia bouquet and the Banksia Bouquet.
Banksia Primary School (BPS) is a government school located in a very culturally diverse, low socio-economic community in south eastern Melbourne.
These fossil records include the first extra-Australian record of Banksia (Tribe Banksieae) (Carpenter et al.
Meg was a graduate teacher working in a remote Australian school in Banksia Plains (4).
The Northern Coasts and sand dunes are geologically renowned and support a wealth of coastal and tropical heathland species such as banksia, grevillea, tea-tree and the carnivorous pitcher plant.
Thank you to the sponsors of this meeting, Abbott Diagnostics, Bio-Rad, Immunz, ESL Biosciences, Banksia, Diagnostic Solutions, Roche and NZIMLS.
These two adaptations are found in Banksia species as well.
In Yalgorup National Park, we found an outstanding series of an anthocorid species in the flowers of Banksia attenuata R.
Further chapters discuss Xanthorrhoea grass tree medicines with descriptions of early botanical collections in Australia, the medical resource of grass tree resin and its uses as a food, fuel and varnish; floral emissaries covering areas such as Banks' Florilegium naming the genus Eucalyptus, Australian carnivorous plants, bottlebrush, Telopea, Banksia, Grevillea and Hakea.