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Synonyms for bankroll

to supply capital to or for

Synonyms for bankroll

a roll of currency notes (often taken as the resources of a person or business etc.)

provide with sufficient funds

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com brings players the game they love at rates that give their bankrolls an extra edge.
2013 March Madness college basketball picks increased our customer's bankrolls drastically," explains Managing Partner Mike Byrd.
Kirk in the series and also partially bankrolls it.
Now all players, including the RBOCs, are hungry to exploit every niche, and they threaten to come upon the CIOCs with much the same advantages - voice-data-video bundles, big bankrolls and a commitment to win.
With sometimes over 10-15 picks a day given out the experts have developed a strategy to increase customers bankrolls effectively.
com today announces its three reload bonuses* for poker players of all levels who wish to give a much needed boost to their bankrolls.