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Synonyms for bankroll

to supply capital to or for

Synonyms for bankroll

a roll of currency notes (often taken as the resources of a person or business etc.)

provide with sufficient funds

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Both sides insist that nothing funny is going on and there is no direct link between these juicy deals and the tycoons and firms who are bankrolling the party.
He is bankrolling his revolution from his Lithuanian interests, with three of the signings so far on loan deals.
In early December, Iraqi President Ghazi Yawar charged that Iran is bankrolling political parties in Iraq in an effort to create another fundamentalist Islamic state in the region.
debt are great enough to keep foreign investors in the business of bankrolling U.
It's full color photocopied, so someone's bankrolling this or has access to a color copy machine.
Maskell says most potential customers they have approached are "fascinated" by the idea and some financial institutions have expressed interest in bankrolling the project.
IRISH taxpayers have forked out EUR65 million in bankrolling hit movies and TV series over the past decade.
Bankrolling, if accepted as an established ethic, is a dangerous path on which to embark.
8 billion budget pales in comparison with President Fernando de la Rua's task of supervising some $55 billion in resources, especially when the federal government is bankrolling 57% of the province's revenue through a tax-sharing agreement.
Morris asks Holmes Tuttle, a rich California car dealer and supposedly close friend, if there was anything he ever wanted in return for bankrolling Reagan's entire political career and serving in the kitchen cabinet that got him into government.
By the end of 2000, al-Qaeda forces had effectively taken over Afghanistan, bankrolling the hardline Taliban elements that supported them.