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During FY17, the Islamic Banking Industry (IBI) continued its growth momentum, recording improvement in all key performance indicators,' the report said.
Pakistani bankers have also mentioned that investments (net) of Islamic banking industry rose by 9.
The central bank of Ghana has said that the banking industry outlook for the nation is positive.
The new standard requires the compiling of documents in accordance with the Documentation Norms for Software Test of the Banking Industry (JR/T 0101-2013), requirements that can effectively improve the visibility of the process, activities and tasks of the test, and thus improve the manageability of the test.
According to the report, merger and acquisition Activity Expectations in the European Banking Industry 2012-2013: Survey Snapshot is a new report that extensively analyzes how merger and acquisition activity expectations are set to change in the European banking industry in 2012-2013.
At The Goldstein Group, we are pleased to show our market knowledge and expertise to the banking industry.
As the private banking industry has developed over the past several years, the expectations of the customers have evolved.
The banking industry turned to legislators for help, and the House its hearing.
A feverish lobbying campaign has pitted the banking industry - which brought the lawsuit that reached the high court - against the 70 million-member credit union industry.
Uday Kotak, head of Kotak Mahindra Bank in India, has said that consolidation would help the Indian banking industry.
He served a wide variety of banking industry clients in the more than 18 years with KPMG primarily in their Short Hills, New Jersey practice.
Taken together, these developments generated additional uncertainty in the banking industry and may have created a perception that loan-loss allowances would have to be reduced.
The far-reaching measure has been bitterly opposed by consumer activists including Ralph Nader, most of the banking industry and the Clinton administration, which contends it would favor big bank-holding companies at the expense of smaller banks.
Hove, however, has no doubt a stronger and much more stable banking industry will emerge.