banking game

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any gambling game in which bets are laid against the gambling house or the dealer

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A group of west San Fernando Valley business people hopes to boldly go where few have gone during the Great Recession: into the commercial banking game.
Onlookers in the investment banking game tend not to stay in the game all that long.
We want to take the banking game to all our competitors in a serious way.
Black financial institutions know the community banking game better than most because they've been doing it longer.
If every nation got together and refused en masse to be blackmailed by this bunch of chancers, we might, finally, put some sanity and safety back into the banking game.
The most active questioner, Justice Joyce Kennard, suggested that keno was more like a banking game than a lottery.
First Commercial officials made direct overtures to enter the Cabot market but couldn't find an opening after making unsuccessful runs at acquiring the Bank of Cabot, the only banking game in town.
Of special note is the chapter devoted to Video Poker (bonus games, banking games, multi-game machines).
We lacked a bit of clarity around our direction in terms of just banking games like that and I guess it's not in our DNA.