banker's draft

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a draft drawn by a bank against funds deposited in another bank

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Eric said: "It's a banker's draft so there's no way of knowing who donated it.
I wouldn't accept a banker's draft, as there are a lot of dodgy ones about.
The defendant produced a banker's draft in court to repay the pounds 15,000, which he stole between July and October last year.
Trackstar reported that one in three cars stolen between April and June 2005 have been driven away from a private sale, where the seller has been given a counterfeit banker's draft.
In court Harvey offered a banker's draft for pounds 5,000 for payment to Currys.
For the posing Italian, who has long 'pasta' deadline to return after being allowed to visit his ill son in Britain, had a banker's draft which guaranteed he'd return.
The firm immediately contacted Mr Sherwin, who expressed surprise that the cheque had bounced and arranged for a banker's draft to be issued.
He has now paid the full compensation by banker's draft, and PS705 towards costs, the court was told yesterday.
He said: "A gift voucher should be as good as a banker's draft.
He said: "Rather than keep 10% of my money and return the rest, they said I needed to make an extra payment for the cancellation fee before they'd give me the refund and that they wanted a banker's draft.
Vivien Dugdale, of Leyland, in Lancashire, said she lost pounds 796 to Abbotts through Event Hospitality Limited when she tried to buy four tickets for last year's V Festival at Weston Park in Staffordshire, paying by banker's draft.
Posing as a wealthy merchant banker, Bint persuaded the salesman to stop for lunch as he prepared a banker's draft to pay for the car.
When we opened it up and found a banker's draft for pounds 20,000 inside we literally couldn't believe what we were seeing.
The changes, known as 2-4-6, will apply to anyone who pays a cheque, banker's draft or building society cheque into a UK current account or basic bank account.