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guaranteed to bring a profit

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acceptable to or at a bank

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PV System owners, developers and EPCs rely on the high performance, reliability and bankability of Solectria -- A Yaskawa Company.
What we didn't know was how quickly it would regain its bankability status.
Their outrageous perks are just two of the demands from stars revealed in James Ullmer's Hollywood Hit List which ranks star power and bankability.
That was somewhat weak given the hype surrounding the film and the usual bankability of its stars.
Results will be analyzed by PVEL and GTM Research to produce a competitive Scorecard that will enable manufacturers to build and maintain their bankability, and enable banks, developers and EPC firms to enhance their supplier qualification and product due diligence programs through competitive reliability metrics.
Following the approval, Joao Duarte Cunha, SEFA Coordinator, said, "SEFA grant support aims at attracting strong private partners/investors and enable the project to reach bankability and have a high demonstration effect in Guinea-Bissau and beyond as the first Independent Power Producer or Public-Private Partnership Project, the first large renewable energy project, and the first project finance deal in a transition country with Bank participation.
Suntech was recently named on Bloomberg New Energy Finance's (BNEF) May 2015 Global PV Market Outlook list as a tier 1 solar company, based on its bankability.
Along with the industry's increasing technology and bankability requirements, global PV demand is expanding to markets in China, India, Southeast Asia, South America and regions of Africa.
Victory will enhance neither his reputation nor his bankability.
On the other hand, with the exception of the ``Tonight Show'' retiree, we're talking about people whose appearances account for a healthy share of their bankability and fan appeal.
Coal power has long since been the dominant baseload power source and default technology choice for capacity expansion in India; but slow development of domestic coal resources, rising domestic and international coal prices, government tariff policy, and the bankability of PPA agreements (among other things) are presenting significant hurdles to timely project execution.
The CEO added, We are also delighted to see the support from our financiers which certainly underscores the bankability of the project in Vietnam.
Use of high-resolution SolarGIS data allows an accurate solar energy yield prediction, which is crucial information for determining financial viability of each solar energy project", said Marcel Suri, Managing director of GeoModel Solar and world leading expert in solar resource assessment and solar data bankability.
Former Heartbeat star Nick Berry may be in the same league when it comes to bankability but he couldn't pick his nose.
The outcomes of that project will be to improve business and management practices of SMEs and their participation in supply chains, which is expected to increase both their demand for credit and their bankability and credit-worthiness.