bank vault

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a strongroom or compartment (often made of steel) for safekeeping of valuables

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The partnership received approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission to implement interior alterations consistent with the original design of the building, which included improving the floor circulation, extending the bank vault ceiling height and restoring the building's historic metal and stonework.
Joe and Anna watch Paloma Faith perform at their very own personal performance in a London bank vault as part of a credit card | |company promotion
Chris Phipps in the original bank vault which will be home to his Eat It
TREASURED Warden Mavis Dunton - the chalice has been placed in a bank vault for safe keeping after the valuation by the BBC
Summary: Pieces from a huge collection of priceless ancient coins, jewellery and statuettes, looted from a bank vault in eastern Libya in the chaos of the rebellion against Moammar Gadhafi, have appeared in the local souq and are being taken abroad.
The singer had been due to put a watch in a bank vault but overslept after chatting to his mother Katherine until late.
Police caught 10 people on July 1 trying to rob the bank vault of DSK Bank on Alexander Battenberg Square in central Sofia.
bank vault and only two company employees at any one time are said to know the whole formula that gives the fizzy drink its distinctive flavour.
He is caught and jailed and, on his release decides "I did the time, I may as well have done the crime," and plots with his cellmate Max (James Caan) to break into the bank vault using a nearby theatre.
They occupied the room at the back of the building, a former working bank vault at the old Bank of Montreal building.
Every time I hear a politician or some boffin from the bowels of a bank vault say the worst is over, I cringe.
He reckons, with justification, that being able to back the second placed team in Serie A to win at home to the bottom team in the Premier League at evens is like being able to walk into a bank vault and help yourself.
John Erroll is curator of the John Mossman Lock Collection of handcrafted bank vault locks and time locks, housed on the second floor of the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen building in New York City.
The original "jewel room" of the bank vault will somewhat uniquely house a 20-metre swimming pool.
Using patented bank vault technology, Console Vaults are constructed of massive 12 gauge, cold rolled plate steel and come standard with a unique three-point, high-security lock system that cannot be defeated, even if drilled.