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a periodic statement prepared by a bank for each client

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The Westpac developed solution allows a corporate customer s payment information within the bank statement to be automatically matched to the invoice, eliminating a highly labour-intensive process, he said.
I am now in the process of checking all my bank statements for the past 10 years to see if any other mistakes have been made.
Additionally, some charge for bank statement copies and for returning checks in monthly statements.
Proof they resided at the address on the account (a bill, bank statement or tax return showing their name at the address on file), and
We are glad we could play a significant role in the IST Harmonization efforts to date, and we look forward to continued participation in the next phase, which will include bank statement and advice messages.
Using the Papyrus Objects information technology infrastructure, the ISIS Papyrus integrated software enables large-scale document applications that support fundamental business processes, such as customer care, customer relationship management, bank statement applications, insurance documents, telecom bill applications, airline miles statements, customer correspondence and Web Archiving & Web Delivery.
My bank statement included a mailer about FANNIE CLAC, and I called the minute I saw it.
CD holders know which FDIC-insured banks hold portions of their deposit but get one interest rate, one bank statement from Bank of Oak Ridge, and one tax statement.
The technical assistance grant will help China evaluate cost-effective flood protection measures in 36 areas along four rivers in Hunan, a south-central province with a population of 65 million, according to an Asian Development Bank statement.
Deposits and Guarantees required: Bank guarantee or bank statement A bank guarantee or a bank statement consisting of a declaration of willingness of a bank for issuing a bank guarantee.
I told him to send a salary certificate and a bank statement of account.
According to new rules set by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA) all those applying for a new residency visa for their families must provide a bank statement showing their monthly salary.
Banxiety" is particularly prevalent amongst 18 to 24-year-olds, who would sooner visit the dentist (48%) than open a bank statement (55%).
The group, which has its UK head office in Bootle, said a printing glitch led to customers being sent the first page of their own bank statement - but pages two and three of another customer's.
His bank statement reveals a pounds 2,500 spending spree by the burglars, who also snatched his late wife's jewellery.