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a periodic statement prepared by a bank for each client

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Tax audits, lawsuits and other situations may require a bank statement.
For business owners and self-employed workers, a client shall present the aforementioned documents, a personal or the company's bank statement for the last six months, and a copy of a valid trade register (record) or equivalent.
The Muslim Commercial Bank did activate my account from dormancy provided that I pay Rs500 statement charges (since I have NICOP-NIC for overseas Pakistanis), which I was always told that bank statements are free.
Hart fabricated another bank statement, but the letting agents were suspicious so called the police and Hart was subsequently arrested.
I was arrested when I agreed to forge bank statements and three stamps belonging to doctors for a man for BD100.
I sent my IBAN bank details to etisalat, however they now say that I also have to supply a bank statement to support the claim.
The bank statement included three debit card transactions from Tokyo Disneyland amounting to almost P110,000, even though Salvador was not in Japan at the time of the transactions.
Global Banking News-November 24, 2015--Yes Bank launches interactive bank statement
The duo allegedly forged documents like a salary certificate, employment card, Emirates ID, passport, bank statement and residence visa to get a loan.
The state Real Estate Agency, which oversees licensing of real estate brokers and property managers, also found that by misrepresenting his company's finances and altering a bank statement, Shockley "committed an act of fraud or engaged in dishonest conduct.
It's particularly prevalent among the younger generation (18-24 year olds) who would rather visit a dentist than open a bank statement (48%/55%).
In rare instances where the IRS demands more than the copy of the canceled check included in the bank statement, taxpayers can request a substitute check from the bank.
She also forged a bank statement to dupe the court into believing she was paying back the cash.
I then checked my bank statement on Saturday to find the AA had taken pounds 200.
The group said a printing glitch led to customers being sent the first page of their own bank statement but pages two and three of another customer's.