bank shot

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a basketball shot that bounces off of the backboard before passing through the hoop

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Although lay-ups and bank shots off the backboard are the most common shots in basketball, no one knew with any certainty the optimum spot on the backboard for making the ball drop in for two, or three, points.
Quarry Bank shot Flames down in an 11-3 roasting and Business School beat Civserv 5-1.
Jordan Farmar missed a short bank shot at the other end, chased down the rebound and fed Bryant, who darted toward the basket as the seconds ticked down.
The Milky WayAAEs magnetic field is in effect reflecting them back in a kind of cosmic bank shot.
Others included The Hot Rock (1972) with Robert Redford; The Outfit with Robert Duvall (1973); Bank Shot (1974) with George C Scott; Payback (1999), a second interpretation of The Hunter, Parker's debut, starring Mel Gibson; and What's the Worst That Could Happen?
San Antonio's Tony Parker hit a pair of free throws to cut the deficit to one point, and after Travis Outlaws missed a bank shot for the Blazers, the Spurs had a chance to steal the victory, but Finley missed as the buzzer sounded.
Troops confronting protesters in Hebron in the West Bank shot dead a 14-year-old boy.
Three vintage corn wagons pulled by teams of Belgian draft horses were equipped with "bang boards," against which an ear of corn often banged before it dropped into a wagon -- like a bank shot in basketball.
Three bandits attempting to rob a bank shot a security guard dead and in a resulting shoot-out, two were themselves killed.
On a tough bank shot from King (7 points), the Pats had grabbed the lead for good.
He did it in the Final Four in Ateneo's 88-84 win over Far Eastern University when he hit the game-tying three that sent the game into overtime and an improbable kneeling bank shot in the extra period.
Lillard's bank shot and free throw gave the Blazers a 38-27 lead midway through the second quarter.
Washington, Mar 11 (ANI): Researchers at North Carolina State University have shown that your chances of winning a basket ball match are better with a bank shot than a direct shot.
Tap the ball through the grooves using as few strokes as possible - watching out for the doglegs, ricky lies and, that unique feature of mini-golf, the bank shot.
In only his fifth game back from a torn labrum, he connected on back to back 3-pointers and made a running bank shot to help lead a 13-4 run to end the third quarter to give the Falcons a 48-36 lead.