bank run

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the concerted action of depositors who try to withdraw their money from a bank because they think it will fail

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The central bank of Myanmar has dismissed rumours of a bank run.
Corpbank's main owner, Bulgarian tycoon Vassilev, has been charged with embezzlement since the bank run and an independent audit ordered by the central bank forced Corpbank to write off nearly two-thirds of its assets.
Worse yet, people in other EU countries realised the awful truth: EU bailouts CAN cause bank runs.
Bank runs in those countries could spell the end of the euro.
Prospects that from now on the troika will demand that private depositors take a hit as the price of a bailout raises the specter of bank runs in countries like Italy and Spain.
In both strands of the literature, the arrival of information is the factor that determines whether a bank run occurs.
BANK RUNS Draghi was speaking at a packed parliament hearing as head of the region's recently created super-watchdog, the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB), but questions and his answers regularly centred on the role of the ECB.
They also find that the damage of a bank run can be severe and long-lasting as the bank's overall deposit balance did not recover even six months after the run.
Tamil people, especially the poor, had reportedly pledged their jewels with a bank run by the Tigers for their emergency needs, he said.
9 billion bank run leading to the nationalisation of Northern Rock, has yet to start.
Northern Rock were at the centre of the UK's first bank run for 140 years last September after a funding crisis sparked by the credit crunch.
But the FSA is unlikely to call for an inquiry into the conduct of the former directors of Northern Rock, which was at the centre of the UK's first bank run in more than 140 years.
What guarantee is there that another bank run on the same lines will not go the same way, requiring a further pounds 100 billion?
The lender - at the centre of the UK's first bank run for nearly 150 years in September after it was forced to seek emergency funding - has also become more exposed to a fall in property prices.
NORTHERN Rock's embattled bosses have denied there was anything more they could have done to prevent the crisis that led to the first bank run in nearly 150 years.