bank robber

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a robber of banks

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Midway working on his second screenplay, "The Gentleman Bandit," about bank robber Willie Sutton, Rich felt compelled to try his hand at producing his documentary film about Sutton.
For awhile there, we were seeing a different kind of bank robber [nationally]," Nesbitt said.
Both police officers arrested bank robbers in Limassol.
The exception, said Special Agent Gail Marcinkiewicz, media coordinator at the FBI's Boston field office, is when "there is a serial bank robber with guns.
The other responded with the quote attributed to bank robber Willie Sutton: "Because that's where the money is.
Still, with heartthrob Clive Owen playing bank robber Dalton Russell, it seems unlikely audiences will applaud his demise.
The Last Outlaw: The Life Of Pat Crowe by John Koblas is an engaging true life account of the wild west bank robber Pat Crowe, an escape artist, ex-Catholic and all around general outlaw in the early years of the 20th century.
An American bank robber who took at least six people hostage and ordered them to strip to their underwear was shot by police during an attempt to escape in a light aircraft.
I'm Not Crying: A Story By an African American Ex-Professional Bank Robber, Now Jailed for Life, for a Robbery He Did Not Commit by Michael Norwood a.
With their help, and the money from a moral bank robber.
A Minnesota bank robber is definitely low-budget during his stick-ups -he uses a pencil to draw on a fake moustache, say police.
BUNGLING bank robber Edward Blaine was last night rated the world's worst criminal.
In the two-channel video projection The Third Memory, 2000, it is bank robber John Wojtowicz who is given a voice.
No, contrary what financially inexperienced people might think, the man is not a bank robber.
In fact, when you factor in the average sentence for armed robbery, your average bank robber gets about two dollars a week or around $100 per year while they sit on their butts in prison.