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the discount rate fixed by a central bank

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Savanna's proven track record of success will translate to greater rewards for the readers of the web site with better bank rates and wider selection of coverage.
With a focus on having a strategic approach to maximizing returns and managing costs and fees for consumers, the regional manager in responsible for sorting through the latest bank rate data and presenting the best opportunities in the current banking environment The bank rates presented are aggregated from online research, direct contact and updated telephone surveys to compare and then display the best bank rates in the market.
The Bank of Uganda has exercised its monetary policy by raising the central Bank rate to 16% in a move to keep inflation within limits.
He believed that if the inflation rates carried on increasing, then the Bank of Uganda would have to carry on raising the central Bank rate by 2% points to 16% in September.
Commercial banks are not obtaining funds from the Bank [of England] or the inter-bank market to which bank rate is connected," he said.
Meanwhile the closely-watched spread between three-month lending rates and overnight index swaps, a sign of where markets think Bank rate will be in three months time, narrowed to 1.