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the discount rate fixed by a central bank

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Savanna's proven track record of success will translate to greater rewards for the readers of the web site with better bank rates and wider selection of coverage.
The Bank of Uganda has exercised its monetary policy by raising the central Bank rate to 16% in a move to keep inflation within limits.
Commercial banks are not obtaining funds from the Bank [of England] or the inter-bank market to which bank rate is connected," he said.
The 60-page complaint explains in detail how Bankrate has unlawfully maintained its monopoly -- with a 90 percent market share -- in the market for the aggregation of bank interest rates and other bank rate information, and its dissemination in print and online to consumers, through a variety of predatory and exclusionary conduct.
Bank Rate Monitor provides unbiased data that helps consumers
com is one of the leading go-to sources for everything finance and BankingMyWay is their premier destination for bank rates and beyond," said Mukesh Chatter, president and CEO of MoneyAisle's parent company, neoSaej.
Bank Rate Monitor's Independent and Objective Loan Rate Information Enables
Among them: BuyersZone, the only online comparative guide to small business products and services; Business Funding Service, which matches your company with suitable financiers based on criteria you specify; Bank Rate Monitor, the nation's premier surveyor of consumer bank rates, which now is conducting a similar survey of deposit rates and credit cards for small companies; CCH, which provides in-depth guides on the nuts and bolts of running a company; PriceScan, which helps you find the best price on consumer hardware and software; and Intershipper, a pricing guide to the best rates on overnight shipping services.
Relied on by the Federal Reserve, national news media and financial institutions, BRM has been tracking bank rates and the banking industry for more than 20 years.
com> has grown to more than 2,000 pages of bank rates and editorial content designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances.
BRM, which is America's number 1 consumer rate source, publishes the latest bank rates on 19 different types of accounts on its web site at http://www.
BRM surveys bank rates under contract to the Federal Reserve, and customized deposit, mortgage and loan tables to major dailies nationwide.
At 5 cents/KWH, our Energy Bank rates are 40 percent below the current regional average industrial rate and very competitive with rates nationwide.
As bank rates rise (and they will) lenders make more profit.
Meanwhile the closely-watched spread between three-month lending rates and overnight index swaps, a sign of where markets think Bank rate will be in three months time, narrowed to 1.