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the discount rate fixed by a central bank

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Any future increases in Bank Rate are expected to be at a gradual pace and to a limited extent.
To ensure that the rate of inflation comes back down to target, a majority of those on the MPC agreed that Bank Rate should increase a little, starting with a rise of a quarter of one per cent.
To that we can add a market clearing level of the Wicksellian natural rate of around 2-3 per cent and that gives us an expected level of Bank Rate in the region of 4-5 per cent.
Had she been quoted the bank rate of PS1 to [euro]1.
The Bank of England on Thursday revealed that its Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted unanimously to maintain the Bank Rate at 0.
But once I am convinced, I can see Bank Rate rising more quickly than the path implied by the market curve at the time of the last Inflation Report.
aACoeAccordingly, the Monetary Policy Committee decided to reduce the Bank Rate by half a percent to 7.
com team will further enhance the timely and practical bank rate data that is presented through their flag ship web site, www.
Cutting Bank Rate further would also be a powerful signal that the MPC means business, although that seems less likely for now," she added.
I AM sure other readers will have noted and thought about the new benchmark for determining the bank rate as the level of unemployment rather than as before the rate of inflation.
NEW DELHI -- At a time when interest rates are rising, some of the country's largest banks are trying to block a move to deregulate savings bank rate, fearing their cost would rise beyond 4% in a free market regime.
At the recent Bank of Namibia Executive Committee meeting the central bank announced that they will keep the Bank Rate unchanged at 7.
Bank rate doesn't have to go to zero," he said, adding, "we are now at the range where it doesn't make a great deal of difference where the Bank rate is - we are at the point where we need to think about taking other action.
I'm not in arrears and I know that the Bank rate can change things.