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the discount rate fixed by a central bank

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Bank Rate started life with Michael O'Donovan in Tipperary last season.
We are proud to add Bank Rate Monitor, recognized as the best-in-class service provider for mortgage information, to our expanding list of content partners," stated Peter Tafeen, VP of Business Development for RealSelect.
US Dollar Testing 3-Year Highs as NFPs and Nationalization Loom Euro Forecast at Risk Ahead of European Central Bank Rate Decision Japanese Yen May Fall Further on Broken Risk Link, Disappointing Data British Pound to See Volatility on Conflicting BOE Expectations Swiss Franc To Hold Bearish Trend as Growth and Inflation Falter Canadian Dollar Finally Taken To Task For Interest Rates And Growth Australian Dollar Sentiment May Shift on Key GDP, RBA Results New Zealand Dollar At Critical Support Level, More Losses Ahead?
The Bank of Uganda has exercised its monetary policy by raising the central Bank rate to 16% in a move to keep inflation within limits.
Bank Rate Monitor is the nation's leading source for retail
Finance is extensive, convenient and easy-to-use, making it an ideal site for Bank Rate Monitor's independent and objective consumer information," said Bank Rate Monitor president and CEO, William P.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Bank Rate Monitor(TM), the leading source of retail financial product information in the country, has been selected by Microsoft Money Insider(TM) (http://moneyinsider.
Bank Rate Monitor also provides customized local rate tables to more than 50 newspapers and national magazines, including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today and Money Magazine.
The free Bank Rate Monitor web site shows the complete rates-and-fees picture for all the cards offered by each institution -- from standard personal credit cards to gold cards, business cards, secured credit cards and rebate cards that offer cash discounts or merchandise.
com launched a Free Content Program today allowing web sites to utilize an assortment of valuable bank rate research and personal finance editorial content.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumers should consider financing a new car or a home now, instead of waiting until next year, according to Bank Rate Monitor.
It was chosen by Tribune Media Services to replace Bank Rate Monitor (NASDAQ: ILIF) as provider of weekly syndicated features, "Banks vs.
The Network was chosen by Tribune Media Services to replace Bank Rate Monitor (NASDAQ:ILIF) as provider of weekly syndicated features, "Banks vs.
CHX: "UFM"), of Oak Brook, IL announced it has signed an agreement with Bank Rate Monitor (BRM) to provide mortgage rates and financing to the Bank Rate Monitor Infobank (www.