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The Bank is committed to including input from Canadians at every stage of the bank note design process.
VAR of Bank Notes of Kazakhstan are being displayed
MONEY maker De La Rue is "going like the clappers" to cope with demand for plastic bank notes.
De La Rue started producing bank notes for the Bank of Mauritius in 1860, a contract it still holds today, and in 1914 first linked up with the Bank of England to make PS1 and 1d notes.
Money on paper; bank notes and related graphic arts from the collections of Vsevolod Onyshkevych and Princeton University.
The result is a slightly rough bank note that can be felt easily.
Several of Audubon's biographers searched in vain for the bank note Audubon mentioned.
In 2007, Iran issued a bank note for 50,000 rials ($5.
And every bank note they get - Scottish ones included - will be more than welcome at the second-biggest transport firmin the UK.
In operation since 1891, Northern Bank Note is one of only a few security printers capable of intaglio and security printing.
Police are appealing for information and urging traders to check all bank notes handed over for payment.
The bank note features the names of Chapman and Co, the North East businessmen who owned the North and South Shields Bank.
Section 5 presents our data on Southern bank note prices and a discussion of the behavior of these prices during the war.
This claim is indivisible and portable at no cost, but a given agent can carry at most one bank note in inventory.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Fitch Ratings assigns an 'AA' rating to the bank notes corresponding to the following city of Los Angeles, California (the city) commercial paper notes: