bank loan

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a loan made by a bank

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The combination of David's deep experience within the bank loan asset class and his commitment to comprehensive analysis makes him a natural fit for our growing organization," said Mark R.
We measured bank loan as the ratio of short-term bank loan to total assets.
9 million to 210 borrowers, mostly minority- and women-owned companies unable to qualify for traditional bank loans since the program began in 1998.
The funds were used to pay principal and interest owed on the $14 million Royal Bank loan.
Bank loan officers were chosen for the survey because of their constant exposure to various audit report types and their familiarity with the meaning intended to be communicated through such reports--new or old.
Fred Cunningham says his Fleet Bank loan will go toward updating and expanding his La Dor's clothing store on East 233rd Street and White Plains Road.
The study considers the prospects for a substantial increase in competition between the bank loan and private placement markets and for a substantial change in hanks' roles as agents.
For example, investors currently do not have easy access to terms and conditions of a bank loan that may require the acceleration of debt repayment if the borrower encounters financial stress, or terms of the bank loan that create a parity or senior position with the issuer's other outstanding debt, which could negatively affect bondholders.
The firm currently has a team of twelve attorneys and research analysts working on the bank loan and high yield services.
Francisco Barbosa, a Mexican immigrant who runs a bridal shop on Van Nuys Boulevard, said it seemed like many of the government and bank loan programs available were not within the reach of small-business owners like him.
In a memorandum opinion, the Tax Court held for the Service, ruling that E could not treat his personal guarantee of R's bank loan as a capital contribution that increased his basis in R.
The bank loan problem will not cause severe problems to the Chinese economy,'' Dai said.
A Business Credit Information Package (BCIP) currently can be submitted to bank loan officers instead.
ARE BANK LOAN OFFICERS GIVING YOU THE bum's rush to the door when you try to finance your business enterprise?
6 /PRNewswire/ -- Fitch has devised a new bank loan rating methodology to quantify the security afforded bank loans backed by strong collateral.