bank holiday

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any of several weekdays when banks are closed

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We should never forget what so many people went through to ensure our freedom - a bank holiday on Veterans Day would help the whole country come together and honour their sacrifice.
The Mirfield Conservative said: "The common sense solution would be to move the May Day Bank Holiday to St George's Day on April 23.
Why not create a bank holiday in June and think of a suitable name for it afterwards?
For, as we reveal today, most of the region's hospitals will be refusing to pay bank holiday rates to their staff - a right royal swindle
But Good Hope, Heartlands, Solihull, Sandwell General, Birmingham City, Rowley Regis and Walsall Manor hospitals said they are not going to pay out bank holiday bonuses, but will give staff a day off in lieu.
Mr Cameron told the Commons Liaison Committee: "If it's in the week it would be a very good idea to have a bank holiday.
This will be on June 5, and the May Bank Holiday will be put back to June 4, to give the nation an extra long weekend.
The following bank holiday Monday, May 2, will see no bins collected.
The trust said employees would get a day off in lieu but under the national agreement for the NHS called Agenda for Change, staff working during a bank holiday are entitled to an enhancement in their pay ranging from double time to time plus 60%.
Unite the union has instructed solicitors to investigate a claim for payments for Bank Holiday working for hundreds of employees for Monday January 3 after long-running talks with management failed to resolve the dispute.
In a memo to staff seen by J not Your Money, Clarke Chapman says: "Employees are not entitled to the additional bank holiday.
COVENTRY City Council should be ashamed of themselves charging to park on bank holidays in the city.
On May Bank Holiday Monday, Kempton would again dominate a packed programme with its Jubilee Handicap card, while later the same month, Whitsun Monday would host up to 11 fixtures headed by Sandown's Henry II and Temple Stakes fixture.
But whatever sector you choose to work in, the fact remains there is an awfully long gap between the traditional summer bank holiday and the next one, by which time strawberries and cream will have been replaced by turkey sandwiches and congealed stuffing.
RAIL chaos struck in the Midlands yesterday as engineering works on the West Coast mainland took their toll on Bank Holiday travellers.