bank holiday

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any of several weekdays when banks are closed

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Crowds flock to the beach on bank holiday weekend in August 2003
Every other August bank holiday weekend since then has seen at least a bit of rain at some point over the three days.
The motor insurance company says that waiting in a queue of red tail-lights does not have to be inevitable on a bank holiday.
And it cannot be the people who work in the town centre car parks, or the bus and train drivers, because they are needed so that the people who are enjoying the Bank Holiday - the lucky few - can get to the town centre.
DISCOUNT shoppers in Nuneaton will still be able to hunt down bargains in the early mornings and evenings of Bank Holidays.
None of the councils across the Teesside region collect bins on a Monday, so residents do not have to worry about being affected by the Easter Monday bank holiday.
According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) retail sales in August were hit by the late timing of the bank holiday, the BBC reported on Tuesday.
Market Place in the city will be alive with the sounds of the 1940s as part of the bank holiday market on Sunday and Monday.
The first bank holidays were introduced in 1871 and the view was that the term "bank holiday" conferred more authority on the day of rest than "public holiday".
Trouble is, there is then no bank holiday relief until August, which has long struck me as odd.
Travel Business Review-August 27, 2012--British Travellers Stay In UK for August Bank Holiday Weekend(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
Bosses at the Vion-owned chicken factory in Llangefni are at loggerheads with staff about the extra bank holiday for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on Tuesday June 5.
NHS Northern Ireland has determined that the Jubilee Bank Holiday will be treated as a full public holiday with staff who are required to work receiving enhanced rates of pay and a day off in lieu.