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a security guard at a bank

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But the name of the 30-year-old former Swiss bank guard is already being entered into the ranks of the righteous gentiles -- those persons who have taken risks to help Jews.
During the robbery, the subject shot and wounded a bank guard.
Karachi: An attempt to rob a bank in a busy district of Karachi on Friday was foiled when a gang of 12 robbers stormed but escaped after the bank guard opened fire on them, injuring one of the robbers, police said.
Ramos, who has worked as a bank guard for The Wackenhut Corp.
Police said that six dacoits wearing masks reached the bank by motorcycles and four of them entered the bank and tried to overpower the bank guard.
When the bank guard Faisal Shah tried to intercept them they fired upon him from point blank range as a result of which, he received serious wounds, he informed.
The police have asked the bank managers to submit complete profiles of bank guard in police station.
He would change disguises for every job, masquerading as a postman, window cleaner and even bank guard and police officer.
In his message of condolence the Chief Minister took notice of the martyrdom of a police constable in a bomb attack on police mobile van at Regi Town Peshawar, Shahadat of another police personnel in an incident of firing by miscreants near Naseerullah Babar Memorial Hospital, firing on a bank guard at Mattani and the demise of a school going student in an incident of bomb blast at Ibrahimzai Hangu.
KARACHI -- Three persons including a prayer leader and a bank guard were gunned down in New Karachi and Boat Basin areas respectively on Wednesday afternoon, Geo News reported.
A bank guard was found cowering in the building's basement Wednesday, more than a day after she was threatened by a gunman during a rampage that left four people dead.
The customers also complained of inappropriate conduct of the bank guard as well as the manager.
Authorities say the suspects normally walk in and one orders the bank guard to the ground at gunpoint, while the other goes behind the teller line.
Bank guard Prasanna Wijewardhana said a blue truck with three men drove into the security barricade outside the bank.
KARACHI, December 19, 2009 (Balochistan Times ): Judicial Magistrate, South remanded main accused and bank guard Hamid and his two accomplice to the custody of investigators till December 23 here on Saturday.