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a check given by the British government to someone who is unemployed

a British financial system in which a bank or a post office transfers money from one account to another when they receive authorization to do so

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Bank giros, which were introduced right after the war, were not processed centrally until the early 1970s, meaning that bank giro transfers took a longer time.
A bank spokesman said: "She debited her account and filled in a bank giro credit to pay Farepak.
00 Such as : Bank giro reserve balance in Bank 97,663.
She was even sent bank giro credit forms through the post, with a letter demanding payment of pounds 10 every seven days.
Many banks offer varied suites of clearing to customers including ADDACS (Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service), ARUDD (Automated Return of Unapplied Direct Debits) and Bank Giro Credits/ Lockbox (head office collection accounts).
Donations in support of Sharron Murgatroyd's wheelchair push can be sent to: The Midlands Spinal Unit Appeal, c/o Becklyn, Bury Road, Kennett, Newmarket, CB8 7PP; or by bank giro credit to Lloyds Bank, Newmarket 30- 95-96 account no: 00137269.
Call into any Ulster Bank to make a donation via a Bank Giro Credit.
KFTC was founded in June 1986 by integrating Korea Clearing & Credit Reporting Center and Korea Bank Giro Center, which were implementing Check Clearing and Giro businesses respectively at the time, and based on this merger, the Financial Information Network (FIN) was created which became the core infrastructure of electronic banking services.
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