bank failure

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the inability of a bank to meet its credit obligations

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Verheijen added, the Deposit Insurance Fund of Serbia was depleted by many recent bank failures, so US $200 million will be assigned to replenish the Fund.
These payments show that the system works, and we hope it gives confidence to consumers that if there is ever another bank failure that their savings will be protected.
And the first quarters of the past three years have been pretty good indicators of bank failures throughout the rest of the year.
Likewise, Gunsel (2007) used the CAMEL rating system and logit analysis to measure the probability of bank failure for banks in North Cyprus.
In April, the FDIC closed 13 banks after three bank failures in March.
So our existing streambank models were actually missing key mechanisms in bank failure.
Wilson and Fox confirmed for the first time that a stable streambank can quickly become unstable when seep age erosion is added to the mix of factors that promote bank failure.
Wheeler said the move was made after an analysis of banks' balance sheets and banks' ability to ensure that public deposits can be recovered in the event of a bank failure.
The nation closed out the year with 157 bank failures, up from 140 in 2009.
Officials hope it will guard against a repeat of the global economic crisis, triggered by a wave of bank failures.
This article investigates characteristics of banks that failed and regional patterns in bank failure rates during 2007-10.
The first bank failure in Indiana in 2009 created a windfall last week in deposits and consumer inquiries for central Indiana credit unions following the FDIC takeover and asset sale of the $2.
has been shut down by federal officials in the biggest US bank failure this year.
Barnier believes that banks should be asked to contribute to a fund to manage bank failure, protect financial stability and limit contagion – but which is not a bail-out fund.
After a record-breaking trend of 10 consecutive quarters without any bank failure, three institutions failed in 2007, with assets totaling $2.