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an examiner appointed to audit the accounts of banks in a given jurisdiction

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In addition to his responsibilities as a bank examiner, Mr.
In addition, the type of person that chooses to he a bank examiner could change.
Yet because so many banks currently are over-leveraged, some of them beyond regulatory thresholds, bank examiners continue to ask banks to order appraisals where the safety and soundness of loans may he at issue.
He said his experience as a bank examiner and running operations at the White House under President Clinton make his candidacy stand out.
I found Chapter 4: offering informative guides for parents and baby sitters, Chapter 11 filled with Financial and Fiduciary Abuse information: covering topics including Pigeon Drops, Bank Examiner Fraud, Home Repair Fraud, Caregiver Theft, Internet Fraud and Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes as well as Chapter 19 filled with methods for protecting the Home to be of particular interest and value.
Through a 24-hour sequence, photographs spotlight Atlanta Fed employees, including a bank examiner, an economic analyst, a law enforcement officer, and a cash handler, in their typical work environments.
Career Path: Comptroller of the Currency, Twelfth Regional District, Denver, Bank Examiner, 1980-82, a college work/study program--attended school for six months and worked for six months; 1983-84, Price Waterhouse & Co.
Indeed, in the United States, it takes about five years to train a college graduate to become a first-rate bank examiner.
Miles served as bank examiner for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Before getting into the business, bank examiner Richard Pollock-Nelson was a certified boomerang fanatic, not merely tossing a crescent in the park, but also collecting comebackers and competing in U.
We're attempting to encourage our examiners to open up those communication lines early in the examination and review process," says Bill Morris, a senior policy analyst and national bank examiner in the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, (OCC) which oversees national banks.
Be it a fraudulent investment scheme or telephone sale of an unneeded product at a grossly inflated price, removing money from a savings account to help a phony bank examiner catch a thief or to pay as good faith money to share in a larger sum.
According to Alan Dombrow, an OCC national bank examiner, the OCC doesn't penalize banks for misleading advertising or require them to reimburse consumers whom they may have bilked.
and as a bank examiner (1873 - 84), Burroughs settled at Riverby on the Hudson River and pursued his first love: observation of nature.