bank deposit

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money deposited in a bank or some similar institution

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The central bank of China has said that it could free up bank deposit rates soon.
On July 21, 2014 Sberbank of Russia began accepting applications and processing deposit insurance payouts to JSC EUROSIB BANK deposit holders, who are not self-employed.
His statement came as the Cypriot government postponed a vote on the unprecedented one-off bank deposit tax, part of a wider bail-out package, until tomorrow.
Today's rating actions follow Moody's decision to downgrade Egypt's government bond ratings to B1 from Ba3, and the downgrade of the country ceiling on FC bank deposits to B2 from B1.
5%* on the smallest accounts, the new AGE Bank Deposit Program gives investors the opportunity to earn as much as 4.
Just as households in the late 1970s shifted their money out of traditional bank deposits into money market mutual funds, households today are shifting out of M2 deposits at banks and thrift institutions and into higher-yielding bond and equity mutual funds.
Global Banking News-February 19, 2015--Bulgarian parliament intent on speeding up guaranteed bank deposits pay-out
Clients who make deposits to the AGE Bank Deposit Program, as it will be known, will receive several benefits, including:
Our current credit problems are not the result of a drain of bank deposits, to be ended by lower interest rates.
A prominent Bulgarian economist has slammed the government's decision to introduce a 10% tax on bank deposit income, saying it will only discourage honest taxpayers.
In the event of an acceleration of bank deposit flight, these financing commitments would be at risk.
The system also offers owners a number of management benefits including the ability to track revenue from customer payment through to bank deposit as well as parking flow, assist with annual parking revenues estimates, and provide printed reports summarizing totals for coin and bill deposits, credit card transactions and parking tickets purchased.
Global Banking News-December 19, 2011--Central bank advisor says market forces should be allowed to set bank deposit rates(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
bank deposit that cannot reliably be associated with a valid FormW-8 or Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, must be presumed to be paid to an undocumented U.
Ecount's 100% Solution enables Celebrations to pay 100% of consultants electronically, with delivery onto Ecount's Prepaid Visa(R) cards or traditional bank deposit.