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a commissioner appointed to supervise banks

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Arkansas Bank commissioner, Candace Franks, has said in a testament to the Senate Banking Committee that there is a need to 'right-size' community bank regulations.
We are obviously pleased the Federal Reserve Bank and the Kansas Bank Commissioner have agreed to terminate their regulatory order against our Company and Gold Bank.
Robert "Bunny" Adcock, vice chairman of the board of Home BancShares of Conway and former Arkansas State Bank Commissioner, shared an anecdote when asked for an example of an occasion in which board members really made a difference to a company:
And the Bank Commissioner has found that Advance America may collect the principal amount of all advances made under the Revolving Credit Agreements without violating New Hampshire's unfair trade practices statute.
Connell was appointed Bank Commissioner for the State of Connecticut in 1975 and, in 1977, President Carter appointed Mr.
My client does not deal in securities and is overseen and audited yearly by the bank Commissioner," wrote Ruth Hall, an attorney for Financial Resources wrote who suggested that Securities go to the Banking Department for information.
ICBA hopes that both the Texas Bank Commissioner and the Federal Reserve will examine J.
Last month, former Delaware Bank Commissioner Timothy R.
The Office of the State Bank Commissioner of Kansas closed the bank, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
Tibbetts, who has been at the helm of First Colebrook for 12 years, has demonstrated a "professional and personal commitment to the concept that 'doing the best we can do' is the only acceptable standard against which we should measure our efforts," said state Bank Commissioner Peter Hildreth said in presenting the award.
Gold Banc (NASDAQ: GLDB) announced today that its Board and the Board of Gold Bank-Kansas have both authorized and approved the signing of an agreement with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and the Office of the Kansas State Bank Commissioner.
Mike Beebe made her the state's 21st bank commissioner on June 13, 2007.
Gottesman offered a companion bill that will--in addition to helping the state bank commissioner crack down on Internet payday lenders--launch a study committee to Iook into ways to make short-term loans available for people with poor credit.
Gold Banc (Nasdaq: GLDB) announced that an application was filed yesterday with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and the office of the Kansas State Bank Commissioner to merge two of its banking subsidiaries, Gold Bank-Kansas and Gold Bank-Oklahoma.
He has exchanged pleasantries with Bank Commissioner Candace Franks.