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The paper and the writing on the fake check were different than on a real Tokai Bank check, they said.
alone lose more than $600 billion annually as a result of bank check fraud, the vast majority of which consists of counterfeiting and document fraud (1,2,3).
Through our experience, we're confident this solution will help TD Banknorth significantly reduce its exposure at its teller line for official bank check cashing," stated Samuel Robb, vice president, product management, CheckFree Corporation.
Headquartered in New Braunfels, Texas, American Bank Check Co.
Our new bank check protection technology was tested at the On-Demand trade show held recently in New York City by several of the new check processors and the results were 100% effective," said Patrick White, President and Chief Executive Officer of Document Security Systems, Inc.
Through its University Banking program, PNC Bank offers the Student Plan, a package of accounts and other services for student customers, including a free PNC Bank check card that can be used with no transaction fees at more than 3,200 PNC Bank ATMs and to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted; Internet access to accounts and product information; 24-hour, seven-day-a-week customer service by phone and other value-added services.
The PNC Bank Duquesne University Check Card replaces customers' current PNC Bank check card.
PEREA would then submit these two forms to a bank teller, who in return, provided her with a bank check, made out to anyone listed in the check request form.
She would then submit these two forms to a bank teller, who in return, provided PEREA with a bank check, made out to anyone listed on the check request form.
Overnight Check uses UPS to deliver an official bank check, using funds from a customer's Bank One checking account, to anywhere in the continental U.
Bank Check Card with Visa Extras, the WorldPerks(R) Visa Check Card and the Harley-Davidson(R) Visa Check Card.
Bank Check Card Spending Spree sweepstakes by using their UBank Check Card for purchases more than three times.
This legislation becomes effective October 2004 and enables the banking industry to exchange bank check images in lieu of paper bank checks.
The company plans to aggressively expand its marketing efforts in the pharmaceutical security and bank check security markets.