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a credit card issued by a bank

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Two customers contacted the office about bank cards and PIN numbers not having been delivered and them being used at cash machines.
The online POS independently developed by ICBC enabled merchants at e-commerce platforms to collect both payment via ICBC cards and via cards of other banks, realizing access at one point, usable across the entire network by bank cards in online payment.
Couriers were then arranged by the bogus officer to collect the bank cards as evidence from the two victims who had inputted their PINs.
They are then assuming the bank card has the same pincode as the locker and using it to withdraw large sums of money from a cash machine.
West Mercia Police said it had received reports of a bank card con from seven callers in north Worcestershire in just three days.
It will be optional for UAE residents to integrate their bank cards with national ID cards when such a system comes into effect.
The retired people will now be issued with a bank card through which they will be able to withdraw their pensions.
Depending on your travel and spending patterns, sometimes airline cards are best but sometimes you're better off with bank cards.
POLICE arrested two people in Larnaca yesterday in relation to an ATM bank card fraud worth e1/416,000.
This campaign is part of Byblos Bank Cards Loyalty Programme, one of the most innovative programmes in Lebanon.
The financial services industry regulator, Namfisa, has threatened micro lending institutions with closure for violating regulations barring them from retaining bank cards and Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) as security for loans.
51% of the respondents say they do not own any bank cards while 34% have one, but use it only for direct deposits from their employer.
Age group 25-29 was the group with most bank cards with 2.
Summary: Marrakech - The court of first instance of Marrakech sentenced, Wednesday, two French nationals to eight months in prison each for "using falsified bank cards," judicial sources said.
A CARE home worker stole bank cards from a 92-year-old resident and helped herself to pounds 1200 in month.