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a credit card issued by a bank

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Notably, ICBC s innovative unsecured loan facility Easy Loan that uses bank card as the main medium, is based on online and offline direct consumption and accessible via one click, has a balance of over RMB 190 billion so far.
Foreign firms will be able to set up their own clearing companies in China and apply to the central bank for licenses for bank card clearing businesses starting from June 1.
Police are investigating at least 12 instances where scammers have phoned people claiming they have been the victim of a bank card fraud and urged them to give out bank details.
Log on to the courier website and it wants a password before the bank card recipient can contact the courier's customer service or register a complaint.
TWO men have been spared jail after an elaborate scam to steal people's bank cards.
We would also advise people not to keep their bank pin number with the bank card and avoid leaving too many valuable items in their locker.
The main message to enforce is that the police or your bank will never ask for your pin or bank card under any circumstance.
The trials have proved that the ID card can be used as bank cards at bank machines at point of sale terminals -- retail points where bank cards are used to purchase goods and services -- and for online payments, said Dr Ali Al Khoury, Director General of Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID) that issues ID cards.
However, the minister said more time was needed to issue bank cards to all and sundry and efforts were on to facilitate all of them.
Each operable handgun or assault rifle can be turned in in exchange for a $200 bank card.
POLICE arrested two people in Larnaca yesterday in relation to an ATM bank card fraud worth e1/416,000.
71 percent of bank card holders use their cards at ATMs while 46 percent use bank cards to receive their salaries.
Elderly widow gave him her bank card to do shopping A POLICE community support officer stole nearly pounds 8,000 from his sick elderly mother.
But just because a prepaid bank card was purchased at a local bank doesn't necessarily mean that local bank is the actually issuer of the card.
Summary: Three million Moroccans who hold a bank card are now able to use them for Internet purchases.