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a fund that a customer has entrusted to a bank and from which the customer can make withdrawals

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A fundamental distinction when looking at the mobile payments opportunity is whether the end user has a bank account or not," says Stela Bokun, senior analyst, Pyramid Research.
A bank does, however, retain the right to refuse to open a basic bank account if a customer already has an account or if the conditions laid down in Chapter 2 of Directive 2005/60 on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering or financing terrorism are not respected.
Mr Webb said: "We are advising customers to change the bank account into which payments are made, for example by nominating an alternative bank account or the account of a 'trusted friend' which is permissible under our current rules on benefit payment".
A spokeswoman said a "watching brief" was in place on the situation but payments into Cypriot bank accounts would not resume when banks on the island reopen - currently planned for Thursday.
As the man told the police he passed control of his bank account to a Chinese acquaintance, police are investigating that Chinese individual, who is believed to have already left Japan, for suspected involvement in the fraud.
Access to a bank account is a basic necessity as wages, benefits and pensions are paid directly into them.
According to the survey, almost 88 percent of young people (18 to 25 years) and seniors (56 years and above) had a bank account, of which 87 percent were with unfinished secondary education and 86 percent with a monthly income of less than 1,000 litas (289 euros) after taxes.
We aim to always offer our customers better services and products and by presenting access to NASDAQ Dubai through a bank account in dirham, not only do investors now have a wider range of shares to trade through the ease of a single account, but they also have this option at a competitive exchange rate.
Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service have announced that foreign bank account reporting and compliance is a top enforcement priority.
Citizens Advice said denying people who were bankrupt a basic bank account was demoralising and impractical, and also made it extremely difficult for them to take control of their finances and make a fresh start.
75m adults who do not have a transactional bank account, more than half of whom are among the poorest fifth of the population, according to a Treasury task force.
Alarmingly, anyone can right now, today, reach into almost any bank account, pull money out electronically, and, in the short run anyway, get away with it.
Must it be filed on opening the bank account, or can it simply be filed along with the annual tax return documents, by April 15?
The victims think they are downloading harmless files such as invitations to appear on local television programs, but in reality they are installing a program that digitally records every stroke on a client's keyboard, including bank account and password data that the gang uses to steal money.