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a stringed instrument of the guitar family that has long neck and circular body

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The audience sometimes sings along, clapping in time with the strumming banjos.
Steve said: "Last year Deering said we sold more banjos than the largest musical chain shop in America - that's amazing for a little shop in Armitage Bridge.
It's a family-style touring situation for banjo players Bla Fleck and Abigail Washburn.
You see American Negro slaves made the first real banjos a couple hundred years ago out of old hollowed gourds and opossum skins, I guess.
All in all, the band doesn't seem uncomfortable without the banjos.
The show ends with Duelling Banjos - which actually sees a banjo and acoustic guitar duel - and a version of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb, the band having done more than enough to entertain the crowd.
Dueling Banjos'' (from "Deliverance'') was the best and the worse that ever happened to the banjo, Trischka said.
the main cabin, where I could hear some banjos tuning up, I saw a man I
Here it is a sad, vaguely Celtic melody that is finally recorded during Flecks last stop in Mali in a dueling banjos session with Bassekou Kouyate on the ngoni, the banjo of Mali.
He makes six different types of banjos: pro banjos, pen back banjos, student banjos, Civil War banjos and gourd banjos.
Stewart of Philadelphia promoted banjos in ads stressing gentility for a clientele whose musical opportunities had formerly been restricted to harp, piano, or guitar.
THREE of George Formby's banjos - one later owned by George Harrison - are expected to fetch around EUR125, 000 at auction.
AGOURA -- Donning straw hats and lugging banjos, guitars and fiddles, thousands of bluegrass, country and folk music fans packed the Santa Monica Mountains Sunday for a foot-stompin' jam session.
But Formby fan Mike Friend said: "The likelihood of one of George's ukulele banjos being left after he played at the Empire is virtually nil.
Old Crow Medicine Show (OCMS for short) consists of five twenty-something white guys who play banjos, fiddles, and other acoustic string instruments.