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a stringed instrument of the guitar family that has long neck and circular body

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Established in 1988, today the Gulf Coast Banjo Society has about 50 members, but typically 25 to 30 show up for concerts.
Ever since Mumford and Sons became big a lot of people have got involved and as an instrument the banjo has become a lot more accessible.
But I am happy that I could participate for Banjo .
Why would anyone play any other instrument when they could be playing banjo
Banjo had been introduced at halftime, along with regular first-team striker Darren Lavery - replacing player-manager Colin Cameron and Blair Hemderson.
The popularity of the banjo and the music played on it was crucial to the early cultural exchange between Blacks and whites in this country and that interchange was essential to the creation of our first popular music, the music of minstrelsy, as well as to our most unique music, jazz.
It may be noted here that Banjo is four-to-six-stringed instrument with a thin membrane strenched over a frame or cavity as resonator called the head.
The only trouble is that we're going to bluegrass festivals and I've got Parkinson's Disease and it's really affected my left hand and I can't play the banjo or guitar any more, but I'll join in on the singing at least.
Those looking to blow off the January cobwebs should look no further than the Banjo & Bovril nights festival.
Microsoft Creative Director Ken Lobb stated in the podcast: "Will there ever be another Banjo, Viva, Blast Corps, Battletoads?
WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE - SHERIDAN SMITH (9pm BBC1) THERE'S an old joke that a gentleman is a fellow who knows how to play the banjo but doesn't.
The Czech Republic probably boasts more bluegrass bands and banjo players per capita than any other country, thanks significantly to folk icon Pete Seeger, who died Monday at 94.
Shackleton viewed Hussey's banjo as "vital mental medicine" for the trials ahead.
The band - armed with just an acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle and mandolin - put in a fantastic set, turning to fan requests once they had played the whole of their first album.
People flocked to street dance classes after Diversity star Ashley Banjo brought a film crew to Stockton for the programme which pledged to get people bopping again.