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a stringed instrument of the guitar family that has long neck and circular body

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Banjo mimics Katie to shout all sorts of intimidating commands at the 14-month-old gundog.
It all culminates with an appearance at the world's biggest bluegrass banjo competition in Kansas.
Around the country, banjo sales were on the rise, prompted in part by the television show "The Beverly Hillbillies," for which Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs employed the instrument in the theme song, "The Ballad of Jed Clampett.
Mister Banjo had been troubled by leg problems and Nicholls added: "Although he has done plenty of schooling on sand, we have not been able to do it at home on grass because of the dry conditions.
They already have a patent and trademark for the Banjo Putter.
Banjo had been introduced at halftime, along with regular first-team striker Darren Lavery - replacing player-manager Colin Cameron and Blair Hemderson.
Beauty and ugliness have accompanied the banjo from its earliest days.
Senior journalist, Syed Nadeem Sarwar is author of the book on the life of noted Banjo player Mohammad Aziz, said a statement on Thursday.
BILLY Connolly has had to give up playing his beloved banjo and guitar because of Parkinson's Disease.
His wife, Pamela Stephenson, said in an interview last year that she had noticed her husband's hand shaking for many years, but assumed it was because he had spent too long playing the banjo rather than a sign of Parkinson's.
ALBUM: Wilder Mind ARTIST: Mumford & Sons BEST TRACKS: Just Smoke and Monster RELEASED ON: May 4, 2015 IF THERE'S one band that has truly popularised the banjo in recent years, it's Mumford & Sons.
Personality: Banjo is a very complicated little man with lots of issues that need careful management and ongoing training.
Unit personnel had a common approach to the brake banjo fitting installation--they believed that banjo fittings do frequently leak during post maintenance leak checks and they did not always adhere to the Technical Order directed torque wrench/torque settings.
He will also discuss the banjo bands of the late 19th century, the mandolin and mandolin-banjo craze, the ukulele/banjo-uke craze of the teens and 20s plus the tenor banjo and jazz/tango.