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Synonyms for banish

Synonyms for banish

to force to leave a country or place by official decree

to rid one's mind of

Synonyms for banish

expel from a community or group

ban from a place of residence, as for punishment

expel, as if by official decree

References in classic literature ?
When Roger Williams was banished, he appears to have given the chair to Mrs.
Alec's face banished it without a word, as he opened wide his arms, and she ran into them, feeling that home was there.
In the month of May I began to make all ready to pack up; and, as I was doing this, it occurred to me that, seeing all these people were banished by the Czar to Siberia, and yet, when they came there, were left at liberty to go whither they would, why they did not then go away to any part of the world, wherever they thought fit: and I began to examine what should hinder them from making such an attempt.
Let me remain, dear sir," he said, in conclusion--"let me remain in this blessed confinement, banished from the crimes of life, rather than purchase a show of freedom at the expense of the liberty of my reason, and at the future happiness which I now have in my view, but should then, I fear, quickly lose sight of; for I am but flesh; a man, a mere man; and have passions and affections as likely to possess and overthrow me as any man: Oh, be not my friend and tempter both together
Critique: "The Banished Lands" is an deftly crafted fantasy and documents author Benjamin Mester's rather impressive and original storytelling skills.
JIMMY McGOVERN'S period drama has been Banished from screens as BBC bosses confirmed its cancellation.
Banished BBC2, 9pm It may have had some of its thunder stolen by another period drama, BBC1's much-talked about Poldark, but what it lacks in Aidan Turner, Banished has more than made up for with dramatic storylines.
Banished had me hooked from the first episode and Thursday evenings at 9pm are now strictly reserved for this enthralling programme.
BANISHED BBC2, 9pm Wolf Hall may have finished last week, but BBC Two is hitting us with another prestige period drama that's about more than corsets and romance.
e Game of rones star features in Banished, a major new drama from in Banished, a major new drama from Jimmy McGovern, which tells the story Jimmy McGovern, which tells the story of the founding of the rst penal colony of the founding of the ?
NEW SERIES BANISHED Thur BBC2 9pm Abrutal, bleak st British convicts Australia is the acclaimed write Set in 1788, the epic seveintroduces us to the prisopenal colony Down UndeEach episode focuses different characters as thwith moral dilemmas and - d sta hu sur Bu Eliz tes bo ph ki COLONY: Back to 1788 " Filmed on location in Manchester, Banished boensemble cast including Julian Rhind-Tutt, who plin love with Elizabeth.
He stated further that having done a study of the state even before assuming office it was already concluded that before any meaningful progress can be made, poverty, hunger and unemployment must be banished, which is boldly stated in the Six Integral Action plan of the administration.
Today while the nation has banished dictatorship and struck off the dictators name from the Constitution it has yet to banish the dictators pernicious legacy of militancy, extremism and religious bigotry, he said adding, "This calls for joining hands by all".
Summary: Chelsea banished the memories of their 2008 Champions League final defeat in the Luzhniki Stadium, beating Spartak Moscow.