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Synonyms for banish

Synonyms for banish

to force to leave a country or place by official decree

to rid one's mind of

Synonyms for banish

expel from a community or group

ban from a place of residence, as for punishment

expel, as if by official decree

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Besides Rory, Banished - which - begins on BBC2 on ursday at 9pm - has a strong Scottish presence.
Banished from civilization, they must be made to survive the new life that awaits them.
Summary: Chelsea banished the memories of their 2008 Champions League final defeat in the Luzhniki Stadium, beating Spartak Moscow.
For 400 years Spain has banished various groups through government edict or social pressure: Jews, Protestants, Mohammedans (early on), liberals in the nineteenth century and anti-Franco intellectuals in the twentieth.
Banished to America, Molly only wants to go home, even though her employers are good to her.
1636: After being banished from Puritan Massachusetts, religious dissident Roger Williams establishes Providence, Rhode Island.
This story will connect with teens who don't fit in, or have been banished from a group for one reason or another.
Weeds, though, whether real or metaphorical, will not be banished.
Bet365 make Warnock 8-13 to be banished to the stands in the 2006-07 campaign after his latest bust-up with officials on Tuesday night against Leeds.
Smoking Is Not an Activity": He is a banished man for a time / Because he his wife hates cigarettes.
Leading the pack was choreographer Anna Djanbazian, whose revival of her 1982 contemporary ballet, Komitas, Kroong Bnaver (Komitas, Banished but Not Forgotten), premiered by Djanbazian Dance Company last fall, received honors in four categories.
Yet while Rose was banished from the sport, the worst that MLB seems willing to do to offenders such as Palmeiro is to slap them on the wrist with a 10-day suspension.
In what has been described as a "major shake-up," new Massachusetts Speaker Salvatore DiMasi has appointed several minority members to key positions and given liberal dissidents banished by predecessor Thomas Finneran important committee chairmanships.
When a factory closes, when farmers are told to change crops and learn anew, when comfort is banished and replaced by competition, it can dampen a country's will.