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East Indian tree that puts out aerial shoots that grow down into the soil forming additional trunks

a loose fitting jacket


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There was always respect between the Banian community and the Emiratis.
Nia, chief executive officer, Banian FZCO, said Serenia Residences is the latest premium development from Palma Development, whose vision and mission it is to introduce the ultimate lifestyle residential projects for Dubai.
33) Boisson claimed Banian sold quilts that resembled two of her quilt
In order to record the prey-capture efficiency of web weaving spiders, we used four experimental prey types that are major rice insect pests in the study area: adults of whitebacked planthoppers Sogatella furcifera (Horvath), leaf rollers Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Guenee), white stem borers Scripophaga innotata (Walker), and nymphs of grasshoppers Hieroglyphus banian (Fabricius).
ISLAMABAD, April 24, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Executive District Officer (EDO) Education Batagram, Mohammad Saeed Khan on Friday formally inaugurated Girls Primary School Akhtarabad in Union Council Banian, NWFP.
3 doubles team of Katherine Williams/Jennifer Banian, who narrowly lost 5-7 to Pucci/Choi, then rallied to defeat Melanie Ware/ Randi Oyama 6-3.
Mondialisation and hominimetre are but two of the many rare or coined words used by Depestre in the furtherance of his message, others including homme banian, hominisation, hominite, humanitude, militances.
Tenders are invited for Banian Lint Free Cloth In 1 Mtr X 100 Mtr Bundles.
Palma Development is a subsidiary of Palma Holding and Banian, an investment entity.
This is our first year at the Shopper and we are thrilled to be showcasing some exciting new tablet ranges from our partner ARCHOS," said Asad Sayed, business manager at Banian, the exclusive distributor for French tablet.
This year's young ambassadors to Japan from Burroughs High School include Jennifer Banian, Karen Escalante, Tiffany Gilbert, Lauren Hastings, Serjick Issagholian, Sara Miceli, Marissa Mike, Erin Sullivan, Sylvia April Sullivan and Jakub Zielkiewicz.
It also comes preloaded with OfficeSuite Pro 6 and the company's Media Centre and remote control app," Asad Sayed, business manager at Banian FZCO, said.
Also back is senior Christine Banian, who Burnhardt expects to improve upon last year's off-and-on year.